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10 UK rising producers on the rise you need to book studio time with!.

Yes there have been some amazing tracks and artists that have made a huge mark in this music scene however you need to respect the beat makers, the creator of the instrumental you flung yourself in the mosh pit for or you threw them elbows and made your imaginary stew or them 2 finger waves and bounce. They create a feeling you need to appreciate o...

SNE brings another big hit with Trillest Ft. J-Flows.

Right now you can say that every release SNE has had has been a smash, I’m i wrong? Emphasising on East London SNE & J-Flows has a mini concert. With 1Figures apparel all over the screen IDREAMBIG are showing you that they are a team to be respected. The monochrome effect of the video shot by Pirate Lens Media it was noticed that they wa...

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