• Vocals & Verses 3rd Anniversary Special Event: 22nd & 24th April

    Vocals & Verses 3rd Anniversary Special Event: 22nd & 24th April

        To celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Vocals & Verses, the creators have decided to party in style by blessing us with not just one night of talent, but TWO. One night will solely focus on celebrating “Verses” with performances from amazing spoken word artists and lyricists, with another celebrating “Vocals” which will include live music from some of the best singers in the UK. Background Launched in 2011, Vocals & Verses is an intimate night of poetry and […]

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  • Little Simz’ unveils official video for “Mandarin Oranges Part 2″

    Little Simz’ unveils official video for “Mandarin Oranges Part 2″

    With her debut EP coming very soon, Little Simz’ introduces us to her world in the visual for “Mandarin Oranges Part 2”, the first track off the forthcoming EP. Jetting off to Los Angeles and video shot by director Duy Nguyen, the 20-year-old North London rapper and musician (and actress!) certainly knows how to grab our attention.   Pretty cool huh? What’s also pretty cool is being one of the first ever unsigned rappers to do a BBC Radio 1 […]

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  • Introducing: Alistair Jay

    Introducing: Alistair Jay

        Just when you thought R&B was taking a nap and conceding to the rise of Pop, Indie & other musical genres, newcomer ALISTAIR JAY has shown up to announce that R&B isn’t dead and gone but is very much alive & kicking. An artist on new British label House of Cachet, Alistair has clandestinely been putting his shoulder to the wheel for the past 3 years behind the scenes, preparing himself and music for his unexpected arrival. Alistair manifests a […]

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  • unChained Water- 808INK [NEW MUSIC]

    unChained Water- 808INK [NEW MUSIC]

      The talents of super-producer 808 Charmer and lyricist Mumblez Black Ink never ceases to amaze, mesmerise and draw me in. And if you’re a lover of quality music, you’ll agree wholeheartedly. The pair are at it again with hypnotic NEW track unChained Water. Following the release of their very artistically visual & extraordinary album entitled 808INK : an artistic piece (a full review and download is available HERE), the quality of this song comes as no surprise. Make sure […]

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  • Art Against Knives x The British Red Cross AGAINST Knife Crime

    The British Red Cross have teamed up with Art Against Knives to create three short films that are designed to raise the awareness of the life-saving first aid skills required in the aftermath of a knife attack.   Knife crime in the UK has always been a problem, particularly in the last 10-15 years. Young people have taken towards using violence as a way of expressing themselves, victimising the defenceless, harmless and innocent- communication has been sidelined in favour of aggression […]

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  • Bad Love- Caitlyn Scarlett [NEW MUSIC]

    Authentic, quality indie & soul music has been almost rare to find in the past couple of years, not only in the UK but globally. Artists that truly keep you mesmerised. But newcomer Caitlyn Scarlett, at the unbelievable age of 18, has come along to change that and take us all on a musical adventure at the same time. The UK native started out doing backing vocals for talented London based rapper LITTLE SIMZ, but now, as 2014 rapidly advances, she’s decided […]

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  • Escapism- Thea Maria [SPOKEN WORD VIDEO]

    This piece speaks VOLUMES to me and not simply because I’m a fan of spoken word as someone who writes and performs myself. Simply put, it’s real. It conveys just how much artists put themselves out there, especially wordsmiths- bearing their heart and their souls to audiences to not only connect and share their experiences but to give people a snapshot of who they really are so people can not only understand but relate, be granted a little taste of […]

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  • Rate Me Plz meets Bigga Business 30/4/14 [EVENT]

    Rate Me Plz meets Bigga Business 30/4/14 [EVENT]

    Well known entertainment and talent showcase Rate Me Plz has decided to team up with entrepreneurial enthusiasts Bigga Business to give anyone with a business proposal, an idea or any kind of venture the unique opportunity to pitch their plans to a panel of judges well-established in the UK entertainment industry and beyond. Ultimately, you have 60 seconds to impress and it’s VITAL that you do- it could be the difference between your idea staying a pipe dream or it […]

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  • Open Musicality 17/4/14 [EVENT]

    Open Musicality 17/4/14 [EVENT]

      Now this event oozes class and I’m not just talking about the flyer. Boasting a huge line-up including the likes of renowned wordsmith DAN BOSI and musicians such as MICHAEL JAI and RUTH ROYALL. Most of the artists on this line-up, I have to admit, I have not had the opportunity to see perform live or heard too much of their material so, as you do, I did some research and I have to say, you’re all in for a REAL […]

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  • Portrait of Love- Raheem Bakaré [NEW MUSIC]

        As far as R&B and soul goes, this guy is the TRUTH! And he goes by the name of Raheem Bakaré. An exceptionally gifted & talented vocalist and musician, Raheem has been no stranger to the world of music for a long time, frequently collaborating on tracks with up & coming lyricists YJ and Tinyman. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this guy perform on stage a few times in the past a number of years ago when […]

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  • Ezzy Anya- Dream EP [DOWNLOAD & REVIEW]

    Ezzy Anya- Dream EP [DOWNLOAD & REVIEW]

      No words can be used to describe what beautiful soul-stress EZZY ANYA has blessed with the world with in the form of her EP “Dream”. To be honest, the whole EP felt like a dream- reminiscent of the work of Tweet & Janelle Monae with a little Jill Scott and Ledisi wrapped up in there. I have to say, neo-soul and R&B are my genre of music. Always have been, always will be. But I have to say I’m impressed […]

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  • Free Fall- Drew Bakes [NEW MUSIC]

    Free Fall- Drew Bakes [NEW MUSIC]

      Anyone who knows me KNOWS how much I LOVE neo-soul. In any capacity. Whether it’s combined with Hip-Hop, Jazz, Funk, R&B etc etc. But nowadays (and I’m so happy about this, I can’t express it enough) the UK movement, which had not always been that appreciative of neo-soul music as a genre and discipline, have suddenly seen a boom in artists producing music which are very well reminiscent of the work of prominent neo-soul/hip-hop artists such as Erykah Badu, […]

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    Multitalented Bamboss Aka Hackney’s Finest is back with his latest conquest! Volyume Up has finally released his music video to ‘Bounce’, from his E.P “The Bamdiggy Effect“!  With this cool beat, this track is sure to get you ‘Bouncing’ whether you’re  in the club, with your friends or in the privacy of your own room. This fun track articulates his crazy charisma, putting a smile or giggle on anyone’s face.  Bamboss is no newbie when it comes to cool vibes […]

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  • Don’t Eat The Cookie

    Don’t Eat The Cookie

      Celibacy seems to be a myth in today’s society or at least that’s what it looks like. More & more I’ve grown to see how less & less it’s becoming practiced. Sex nowadays seems to be the only barometer by which those entering relationships determine it’s success. If we don’t have sex, then it can’t be considered a romantic relationship or a relationship of substance… apparently. The arguments I’ve frequently heard is that we HAVE to be at it […]

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  • Samm Henshaw Ft. Kojey Radical – Science [Stream & Download]

    Samm Henshaw Ft. Kojey Radical – Science [Stream & Download]

    Samm Henshaw is finally back with his new incredible single ‘Science’ as a birthday treat for his fans on the 22nd February. Featuring Kojey Radical it is a great colaberation between the two. As Kojey raps about achieving and Samm Henshaw’s harmonising in the background really brings the song together. The beat also has a nice unique sense to it. Quiet, slow but still has the beat of the drums in the background which keeps the song up beat and […]

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  • Doing It Alone- Kozzie [NEW MUSIC]

    Doing It Alone- Kozzie [NEW MUSIC]

    KOZZIE IS BACK. And with a new single Doing It Alone off his upcoming Koz The Kid 2 EP. Premiered a few nights ago on Logan Sama’s KISS FM show and has once again got #TeamKozzie in a frenzy! With high energy and a flamboyant attitude, as expected, he delivers another hard-hitting drop for all UK music lovers alike. Due to be an INSTANT BANGER! Doing it Alone will be available for download on March 3rd 2014 as a treat with the pre-order of his Koz The Kid […]

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  • Reality- Joy Osaiah [NEW MUSIC]

    Reality- Joy Osaiah [NEW MUSIC]

      Emerging Hip-Hop/Soul singer & songwriter JOY OSAIAH is one of British Music’s best-kept secrets, although not for much longer. Osaiah is taking her step into the spotlight, showcasing her gorgeous vocals in her debut single “Reality”, which has already become an audience favourite on OX105 FM and on Oxford’s urban music scene.   Produced by Native Stranger and beautifully sampling the 1999 Q-Tip classic “Let’s Ride” and Shuggie Otis’ 1974 hit “Island Letter”, Osaiah is nothing short of a revelation on “Reality”, highlighting her vocal prowess and song writing dexterity, over […]

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  • Emmanuel Speaks – ‘FREE’ – Spoken Word Poetry [SoundCloud]

    Emmanuel Speaks – ‘FREE’ – Spoken Word Poetry [SoundCloud]

      As we caught up with the young poet from Leytonstone, East London, Certified UK was able get an interview therefore an insight on the Spoken Word Poetry from the talented poet himself Emmanuel Nwaohai known as Emmanuel Speaks. The young poet who has been  putting on a great amount of work as he continuously carries on expressing his views on the reality of life and the explicit and implicit messages that  we fail to understand or see it clearly in our […]

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