• CUK Introducing: Sammy Holmes

    CUK Introducing: Sammy Holmes

    It’s always refreshing to come across fresh talent, working the circuits of the underground, grabbing the attention of fans. With that said it gives Certified UK great pleasure to introduce, UK lyrical heavy weight and new comer Sammy Holmes. When describing an artist that has great flow and versatility in style Sammy Holmes one that comes to mind. The rapper who is quickly grabbing UK hip hop follower’s attention has recently released two singles on his Sound Cloud ‘Laser Lunch’ […]

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  • Image God drops his first GRM Daily #Rated!

    Image God dropped his first ever GRM Daily #Rated debut  just recently on GRM daily’s freestyle series. Image God is often described as being as real as they come, which is most definitely illustrated in this thought provoking piece. He seems to spin bars based on personal life trials, taking it’s listeners though his journey of loss of religion, family, disappointments and his perseverance to achieve through life’s challenges. Take a listen here and let Image God do the talking: […]

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  • Introducing Nií and her new single “WAISTD” !

    Introducing Nií and her new single “WAISTD” !

    Mysterious new artist Nií pronounced “Nee-Yee” (As she would very much like us to remember) has released a new single by the title of “WAISTD” which is set to be on her forthcoming project “Paradoxology”. Paradoxology? That’s intriguing but what exactly dos this mean, you may ask. Well Níí is a lover of scrabble and art and culture but hates tickles and eggs! Wait .. a hater of Eggs? I think we have a rebel on our hands folks! Haha, […]

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  • JP Cooper graces us with his new track “Satellite”!

    JP Cooper graces us with his new track “Satellite”!

    JP Cooper is back once again with his new track “Satellite” ( no it’s not about aliens and conspiracy theories), In fact here at Certified Uk we are in agreement that it’s a very worthy listen. It’s been 15 years since JP Cooper graced the music scene, which some may describe as slow progress, however as the saying goes “Slow and steady wins the race” and with his abundance of talent and strong perseverance he shows no sign of backing […]

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  • Music even the God's would be in awe of. Young UK producer M.Fazz debuts EP 'Apollo's Crate' Pt. 1

    Certified UK Premiere: ‘Apollo’s Crate EP Pt. 1′- M. Fazz

      Truly incomparable. I can honestly say this EP is unlike anything I’ve come across before and distinguishes itself from the stereotypical Hip-Hop & R&B mixtapes and EP releases you hear being released. It’s a work of art with a boldness and fearlessness in production that showcases M.FAZZ exceptional talents in music technology and production, marrying a variation of instruments and sounds together to create something unparalleled and unforgettable. It’s remarkable the progression in each track and, having been someone newly […]

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  • CUK meets Stormzy!

    CUK meets Stormzy!

    It’s been a busy year for Grime Artist Stormzy  from his MOBO nomination to both Fire In The Booth on BBC Radio 1Xtra and of course the release of Dreamers Disease, however on Thursday 25th September the Certified UK team managed to catch up with the Stiff Chocolate himself for a short but sweet interview! Certified -UK: It’s been quite a big year for you in terms of ‘Dreamers Disease’ and ‘Fire In The Booth’, what would you say has […]

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  • Ms Banks – Fire in The Streets

    Ms Banks – Fire in The Streets

    Charlie Sloth is bringing the newest rappers to the forefront,  making noise for themselves, creating enough buzz so that they notices by him & and he has brought Rapper Ms Banks in from of the camera! The South London female lyricist, brings a realness in this freestyle. Hope to hear more from her in the near future. What do you think of it? Follow Ms Banks on Twitter and check out the couple of tracks she has on Soundcloud here […]

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  • Che Lingo hints at new collaborations on upcoming EP

    Che Lingo hints at new collaborations on upcoming EP

    Certified UK sat down with South London rapper Che Lingo after his performance for Happy Days Comedy Show for Ice Cream Parties at Brunel University. The 22-year-old rapper has already worked Leon Jacques, Kojey Radical, George the Poet and hints at even more collaborations on his upcoming EP. CUK: How are you Che? Che: I’m good man. Just came off the stage… finished the event in Brunel University. It was a really good gig. A nice, intimate crowd. A very […]

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  • Bespoke EP – Barney Artist [DOWNLOAD x REVIEW]

    Bespoke EP – Barney Artist [DOWNLOAD x REVIEW]

    So much quality Soul and Hip-Hop music all in one EP, it’s incredible. This is my first time listening in to BARNEY and if I said I was just impressed, that’d be an understatement. It’s fantastically structured, showcasing Barney’s lyrical versatility and talents as an artist as well as the skills of some extremely capable multi-talented artists and producers, including the likes of ALFA MIST, EGO ELLA MAY and EMMAVIE. Its a sophisticated union of Neo-Soul & R&B with some conscious Rap […]

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  • ‘A night to remember!’ – Live and Direct UK Event Review.

    ‘A night to remember!’ – Live and Direct UK Event Review.

    Put the hottest spot in Shorditch , together with the hottest event organisers, partnered with best acts in the UK  and what do you get ? Yep it’s Live and Direct UK!!!  Last night brought us the return of the best showcase in London and deliver it surely did. From the very beginning, the atmosphere was buzzing. The line outside Rich Mix was bustling and disorderly, but we all knew what was about to go down during the night ahead. Before the audience […]

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  • Accidents (Part 5)- George The Poet [SPOKEN WORD]

    Accidents (Part 5)- George The Poet [SPOKEN WORD]

      GEORGE THE POET paints the most accurate image in his latest release “Accidents” (Part 5). The spoken piece tugs the emotional strings of the audience as it highlights the story of a troubled young woman who has just experienced a miscarriage. Without spoiling the plot of the poem too much, the storyline, narrated by the girl’s boyfriend, focuses on their ‘accidental relationship’ and the accidental events which indirectly leads to the accidental loss of life in the first half but […]

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  • An Evening With Nego True 15/8/14 [REVIEW]

    An Evening With Nego True 15/8/14 [REVIEW]

      Even hyperbole wouldn’t be enough to sufficiently describe what spoken word artist NEGO TRUE managed to do in his headline showcase. #AnEveningWithNegoTrue was unforgettable to say the least. The supporting acts were phenomenal. But then again, I expected no less from the members of THE TRUE FAMILY (TTF) and affiliated company with the collective- wordsmiths AYO shut it down as well as duo RARA and RAE POET who educated the audience on why no-one should “Die for a ReTweet”, a reference to the social […]

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