• Nego True Releases Long Awaited Double EP ‘Black Suit’

    Nego True Releases Long Awaited Double EP ‘Black Suit’

    The long awaited ‘Back Suit‘ double EP from Nego True has finally been released and you can download it here The 13 track project feeds the soul with words of wisdom and creative lyrical content as the London rapper/spoken word artist delves into the many situations young people encounter in today’s society. With a soft voice carrying a loud message, Nego True delivers a truly touching and captivating piece of work to inspire and entertain. With tracks being sporadically released […]

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  • R’ Music Night 31/7/14 [EVENT]

      After a very successful Live Music Event earlier this year, R’ Music Nights is BACK once again with more incredible young talent tearing up the UK entertainment scene. This time, QH MUSIC has included some artists on its own roster (lyricist SKREMZ and vocalist MONICA AZULL). Taking place at the ELEGANT NYNE LOUNGE, this is DEFINITELY going to be a showcase that impresses, entertains and surpasses expectation. The line-up alone promises all that and more, trust me. Especially considering Afrobeats artist […]

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  • The sensational talent that is 808Charmer unveils a truly one-of-a-kind EP "AlphaStateArcade".

    Certified UK Premiere: ‘AlphaStateArcade EP’ [DOWNLOAD x REVIEW]

      Incredibly hypnotic and rhythmic; multi-instrumentalist and super-producer 808CHARMER has given birth to a masterpiece with this exceptional body of work. The EP AlphaStateArcade is unlike anything I’ve ever heard before and with every listen continues to reaffirm my belief that 808Charmer is well on the way to, deservedly, being one of the greatest musical and artistic revolutionaries and visionaries, crafting art that exists outside a dependency on traditional lyrics and choruses but art that emancipates the imagination, tapping into something […]

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  • Monday Motivation: Finding Diamonds In The Rough

    Monday Motivation: Finding Diamonds In The Rough

    Ever had one of those days where you think a season in Napa is the answer to all your problems?  I used to have (and still do occasionally) have ‘really bad days’ where I get angry, or frustrated, fed up or tired. Everything suddenly seems so treacherous and awful and you can’t seem to list a single positive thing about any aspect of your life. “Life sucks” is what you’ll tweet. You’ll be snappy to your friends for no good […]

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  • We debated, we discussed, we shortlisted. And, guess what, we RANKED. Now here it is. The Certified List: Vocalist's Edition.

    The Certified List: Vocalist’s Edition

      As if the last #CUKList did not spark enough debate on social networking sites and across the UK entertainment community. But that was only the beginning. We, as a team, again decided it wasn’t fair to just select a few lyricists and rappers and put them in a list without acknowledging the unsigned vocal powerhouses that exist in the UK entertainment scene. So again, we put our heads together and clashed considerably to narrow it down to 10 RANKED […]

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  • Black Diamonds- DAPS [MUSIC VIDEO]

    “They think that the only way to make it is to hold the iron” – DAPS Straight from the furnace that is “Life in 1080p”, the sensational debut from lyricist DAPS; the artist gives us a glimpse of the London culture in “Black Diamonds”. The song is something I’m sure many can relate to in a culture whereby many people are concerned with material wealth and have become convinced that fraternising with crime is the only way to accumulate financial […]

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  • A Handshake To The Brain EP – Hawk House [REVIEW]

        I’ve prayed about it. I’ve long hoped for it. I’ve sought after it ever since legendary groups like A Tribe Called Quest disbanded and The Roots and Neo-Soul legends like Erykah Badu, D’Angelo & Floetry gradually faded to make room for the supposed “leaders of the new school”. But HAWK HOUSE have finally arrived with a sound that encapsulates this Golden Age of Neo-Soul and Hip-Hop in a marital state entertaining experimentation. A time period (notably the late 80s, 90s […]

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  • Breathe- Incisive [MUSIC VIDEO]

    Often artists deviate away from what works and sometimes that just means keeping it simple- Your message, Your music video, Your production, Your lyrics & Your style. INCISIVE is all about authenticity and staying true to his craft and his latest visual for his track “Breathe” is no exception to that. The track acts as a lament expressing his desire to shut out negativity, noise, traffic from external interferences which might clutter someone’s thoughts and opportunity to enjoy their own company and […]

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  • Little Simz Unveils E.D.G.E. EP [REVIEW x DOWNLOAD]

    Little Simz Unveils E.D.G.E. EP [REVIEW x DOWNLOAD]

      I didn’t think it was possible to surpass, outclass and supersede BLANK CANVAS but LITTLE SIMZ proved me wrong with her latest EP entitled E.D.G.E. (Every Day Gets Easier). The 20-Year-Old North Londoner is lyrically explosive and talented beyond measure without a shadow of a doubt. It doesn’t take a genius or a music mogul to figure that out- straight from the word go, she’s been a shining beacon in the UK entertainment industry, towering over artists with her consistency, versatility […]

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  • Soldier – Dora Martin [MUSIC VIDEO]

    Beautifully done by a duo that are on the way to superstardom hard and fast- Dora Martin unveil the latest visual for the emotionally charged single Soldier off their debut EP Coalition which aired last October 2013. The duo seem to show no signs of slowing- the vocals, the visual, the wardrobe, the effortless harmonies and exchange between both vocalists and the incredible talent and promise both artists show make it virtually impossible to dismiss the distinct possibility that both […]

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  • Highly Anticipated Mixtape ‘Lost Souls’ By Coops

    Highly Anticipated Mixtape ‘Lost Souls’ By Coops

    After MUCH anticipation, Coops’s ‘Lost Soul‘ mixtape is finally here and it was definitely worth the wait. With an impressive 17 tracks, Coops explores all angles of rap and Hip Hop and brings us something fresh and exciting as he brings us back to the realness of music. The mixtape does feature a few established artists such as Black The Ripper, Benny Banks and Rexx however the majority of the mixtape focuses on the sole talent that is Coops. Lost […]

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  • Multi-instrumentalist & acoustic soul enthusiast Dee Faisal presents debut EP #DeeXSessions

    Certified UK Premiere: #DeeXSessions [REVIEW & DOWNLOAD]

      Phenomenal. Absolutely sensational. It’s rare that someone debuts material that immediately one could easily categorise as “unmissable, unparalleled and awe-inspiring” but multi-instrumentalist and artist DEE FAISAL has managed to achieve all that and more with his debut EP #DeeXSessions. Fortunately, we at Certified UK managed to get an exclusive listen before the release and I have to say I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve had every single track on repeat- it went straight onto my iPhone… it’s […]

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      This was an ABSOLUTE roadblock… Party on the pavement… Shoreditch Takeover… BOXPARK Brilliance (and I could easily go on) showcasing one of the very best emerging lyricists in the UK entertainment scene… the playful, multi-dimensional wordsmith and modern-day Andre 3000 CHE LINGO in the PLAYN pop-up store in Shoreditch’s creative capital – BOXPARK. Alongside some extremely talented guests such as TINYMAN, LUV’RELL, KOJEY RADICAL and LEON JACQUES; Che-Lingo proved that even with a small line-up and an incredibly intimate setting, true artists […]

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  • Got A Lil’ Melody- Kemi Ade [NEW MUSIC]

    Got A Lil’ Melody- Kemi Ade [NEW MUSIC]

    I’m a huge lover of Neo-Soul and Soul music but it takes a lot to truly move me. However, I was pretty impressed when I managed to get an exclusive listen in to the debut single from up & coming Neo-Soul singer and song-writer KEMI ADE. It’s catchy, it’s rhythmic and it screams talent. Vocally, Kemi’s voice is so captivating and the single ‘Got A Lil’ Melody’ affirms that vehemently. Kèmi’s sound can very easily be comparable to the likes […]

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  • Till The Doors Closed- Darien Maze [MUSIC VIDEO]

    Till The Doors Closed- Darien Maze [MUSIC VIDEO]

    What I’ve often found is missing in the UK entertainment scene is artists who aren’t afraid to go against the tide of conventional Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B, Indie and Rock but make something truly unique. Experiment with their art to amalgamate different genres and make super-genres. In essence, embody everything that an artist is supposed to represent- uniqueness, authenticity and originality. And there’s no better package than DARIEN MAZE, a blossoming young music producer, songwriter and artist from South East London. […]

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  • Beautifully produced, Beautifully written, Beautifully sung. Ella Frank releases much-anticipated official audio for Homie Lover Best Friend.

    Homie Lover Best Friend- Ella Frank [NEW MUSIC]

      I didn’t think a love story could sound so beautiful, so poetic, so soulful and so mesmerising but when you’re blessed with such an incredible voice and talent, you can make absolutely anything sound beautiful. And that’s what ELLA FRANK has managed to do with her stunning new single Homie Lover Best Friend. Heavily influenced by some of the legends in Jazz, Blues, Neo-Soul and Soul-powered R&B; Ella effortlessly soothes the ear, taking listeners on a journey through love, passion, […]

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  • Subjectivity: “Cheating” 12/8/14 [DEBATING EVENT]

    Subjectivity: “Cheating” 12/8/14 [DEBATING EVENT]

    The usual suspects, CHARLES “RARE THOUGHTS” & LIONHEART, are back with an even bigger, better and more dynamic showcase once again… SUBJECTIVITY, the ULTIMATE debate show, has returned and this time the focus is on Cheating in relationships and the issues concerning fidelity and infidelity. And this time there will be NEW performers, NEW panelists and NEW prizes to be won. What’s not to love?   If it’s anything like the previous showcase, centred on “The First Date” (full details of […]

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  • Ragz Originale returns with new track “Faith” !

    Ragz Originale returns with new track “Faith” !

    Ragz Orginale has returned once again with a series of quizzical controversy to rattle a sound mind, following his debut LP release ‘With You Now’. Ragz has blessed his fans with the deep sounds entitled as ‘Faith‘. The multitalented music producer, song writer and rapper immediately captivates his listeners in this track by stating ” I was on a quest in search for Black Jesus”. To some this may provide an element of shock, but to his faithful fans who […]

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