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[Event] TURNT SESSIONS LIVE – 11.8.15.

HELLA TURNT SOUNDS present a night full of live music, poetry and good vibes. A night where the best up and coming new wave artists come together to put on the waviest night this summer. ACTS INCLUDE: DARKZ TALI WHOAH BANDITSU GRAFTER EKLIPSE MHLNLGO YOMI AND MANY MORE AND WILL BE HEADLINED BY THE HELLATURNT MOB AND TE DNESS! If you haven’t h...

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[Review] You missed #NewGenLive ?.

  It’s the event made for a scene of talented artists that are on the come up. Birthdays started to ram up and you can see south London came to represent at a high level. Play dirty’s Doctor Cosmic brought nothing but vibes to the place and before you know it you heard a voice say ‘Yo SNE your up you know’ and the the E ...