London band The Signal Clan release debut single ‘Calling Me Home’

Formed in late 2014, The Signal Clan is a genre-blending band mixing Hip-Hop, Rock and R&B together to create an exciting and unique new sound. Fronted by rapper, songwriter and producer Presh Williams, and made up of Jacob Dyer (keyboards), Ollie Haycock (guitar), Niko Mangialardo (bass) and Ivan Panella (drums), the London-based band are proud to release their debut single titled ‘Calling Me Home’.

The recently released ‘Calling Me Home’ was co-produced by Presh Williams and Fuzzy Phase (Newham Generals) and features Izzy Thomas on vocals. It’s a raw and emotive offering that sees Presh rap about some of the battles we all face with ourselves, with Izzy Thomas adding ethereal vocals and melodies to make for an exciting debut from The Signal Clan.

According to The Signal Clan frontman Presh, ‘Calling Me Home’ is a “perfect song to introduce the world to who we are. The song was written for a close friend who was really struggling at a low point in their life. Essentially, the song is about trying to understand how we battle with our ‘personal demons’. I hope someone, somewhere, can listen to the song and feel like we are telling their story”.

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