1Figures London release a one time drop on their ‘Im Broke baby’ Tee

1FiguresLondon are dropping their infamous ‘I’m Broke Baby’ rendition in some vibrant summer colours. Coming in a sherbet green and pink it will be the Tee a lot will want to wear in the summer and as its very limited you want to grab them quick:

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 22.28.48 CLL13DNWoAAN-ss

The Tee is:

– Crewneck Tee
– Front 3D Graphic
– 100% Cotton

Founder Chris Figures admits: ‘The colour way drop is late in the fashion world but as mentioned before he doesn’t worry about trends. The inspiration behind these bright colours are from a project Frenzy is dropping called P £ R $ O N A L I T ¥ which is due to be captivating and real unique. So 1Figures wanted to capture this personality and bring some colour into their popular line’

With the Green tee at a casual price of £18 and the more in demand pink Tee at £22.99 expect them to go very soon so grab them when you can!

Check our interview with the 1Figures Founder here and see where he wants to take his brand

Go to the website to grab one NOW they are VERY RARE

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