5 booming Podcasts to keep you going through your day

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Podcasts have always been around but only appreciated as of recent with more and more people creating theirs to give their audio rants, give opinions, tell life stories, talk about experiences, meet with people to give their stories, basically what we have in twitter except you have more than 140 characters and you can hear them the whole way through.

We have decided to pick 5 that are causing a wave in their own way but keeping you entertained while on the go or just sitting at home and want to hear a discussion:

(in no order)

Are we Live Podcast

Very music based podcast created by BARNEY ARTIST, Jordan Rakei, Alfa Mist & Tom Misch; all artists and they talk about the music they have be listening to & also sharing some of their music and what they are doing to all their fan bases! 4 artists, 4 perspectives, 4 styles one podcast

Hella Turnt Topics

Turnt topics is a spin off from their collective, Hella Turnt UK allowing them to push what goes on in the British culture and events that have happened in the week to take in along with trending topics from their people


Focal Point 

This Podcast is created by Photographer Courtney Francis immersed in the urban London scene. Talks about my experiences. Whether it be in the middle of a moshpit or on a stage in the O2. Taking photos that will capture the atmosphere of the people and the music. He brings focus to the people behind the scenes that help bring music, photos and videos to the masses.

So more like a behind the scenes and things people don’t get to listen to

So You Want to Be An Artist 

The podcast that’s for the artists, by the artists. Kane Chattey talks about his personal philosophies of what it means to be an artist and brings in a new artist each week to share their perspectives too. Each week provides fresh insight, self-assurance, honest and intimate conversations and words of wisdom that every artist needs to hear! Deep and one to make you think..


The duo in ChuckieOnline & Poet keep you up to date with whats going on in the entertainment world and in their lives too and sometimes they agree, sometimes they don’t but know that the podcast was brought to you by absolutely NOTHING!

All great listens so make sure you check them all out


What are you favourite podcasts to listen to?

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