Are 67 putting UK trap on the map this year ?!

I wish I could tell you the amount of times I’ve pulled trigger fingers in my room referring to myself as a skengman. This is the result of 67’s hypnotic Trap music that appears to be slowly brainwashing us all. It seems 67 have the potential to follow the noteworthy strides Section Boyz have made recently.

With the recent popularity of U.K. trap music, I wonder if it can reach the heights of its U.S counterparts. Artists such as Future, Young Thug and Migos have become hugely respected. Despite this its success overseas I believe it won’t be long before the sceptics broadcast their feelings of negativity towards the lyrical content of 67′.

It can be said that their strong references to drugs and guns promote violence and glamourise the rewards of crime. It also should be taken into consideration that what’s being portrayed is the lifestyle a lot may have to live. If you’re from South London it’s unlikely the content of your music would be about private schools and tea and biscuits.

67′ have over three million in total views on YouTube. They’ve managed to create their own sound, their own adlibs that have become used across social media and real life. Realistically they have what it takes to be as successful as a U.K. Trap artist can be; but what could hinder that would be the lack of discipline. I think the collaboration with U.K. Rap legend Giggs has solidified their intent to push this sub genre forward. They offer something a bit different to Section Boyz, something a little more genuine as oppose to their more mainstream counterparts.

Time will tell however whether U.K Trap can reach the heights Grime recently has. I believe 67 are the artists that can do it. I could be wrong and this could just be a time where Trap is hot, just like when funky house was once upon a time.  For now at least, I’ll continue to passionately state how hard I enjoy trap.

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