A Taste Of Africa

It’s without a doubt that UK Afrobeats has had an influence on music over here in the UK the past few years with many getting on the remix of tracks, working with great Afrobeat producers and even artists trying to make their own track its evident that motherland vibes can add an energetic boost and make a tune epic.

Salute to those that have pushed the genre from very early and seen their music hit the charts and made history paths and This project was to show that it still needs that recognition and in a time where we get to see the genre at the official day of the award ceremony, it will certainly bring new life into the awards with many growing in its early years and have some epic moments already.

salute to Nadia Rose on winning Mobo for best video at the 2016 MOBOs

This years MOBOs saw 90% of the winners with an afro-carribean decent and it was a powerful thing to see the winner of the best video, Nadia Rose with Ghana in her bloodline and Abra Cadabra winning one alongside Krept & Konan, with a whole lot of the same with great talent in the nomination however It’s unfortunate though, that when presenting awards for African acts its done on another day to the official awards day, or done during the adverts or done in a separate room. It’s something that needs a change. This is not a shot at Mobos this is awareness to all awards ceremony that its one of the many genres that needs to be celebrated more because its something that definitely is influenced.

Here is a question, we have been told that the great Ed Sheeran has made a track in Twi (Ghanaian Dialect) and as many already cannot wait to hear the track, if he does win an award for the day will he receive it in the African act on a separate day or best song category on the day itself?

We would want to see that live in the night where all are watching, something historic that will be remembered.

We would like to celebrate great music the same, as a whole regardless of the genre on the same evening for all to be acknowledged, as music has been at its most powerful especially in the UK and its becoming a for of income and giving artists the confidence to pursue this dream and this become their job.

A taste of Africa was created to talk about the UK Afrobeat genre and we had Afro-district journalist Mika Abraham to voice her views on the topic she holds quite close to her heart.

A Taste Of Africa was needed because, platforms that celebrate and bring awareness to the African culture is quite rare. It is a platform that has shown the influence of the Afro Beat genre in the UK. A Taste Of Africa has the potential to help bring awareness to the scene, which is on the rise. Through this I hope it helps the genre progress more through its acknowledgement of the artist/producers in the UK and also helps push the scene to a higher platform through its mainstream link.

She points out some great artists that have make big marks in the genre and we talk to a couple acts from the UK afrobeat genre to voice their opinion also.

This will be updated until the campaign is done so take in part one below and if you got a view share the question with the #ATasteOfAfrica on twitter and lets see if this is something that could be changed in many award ceremonies.

Part one



See what Henrie, Who is building a great name in radio thinks about UK Afrobeats:

To me, UK afrobeats is the best way to combine where I was born and my actual heritage. It’s rise in the last couple of years has been great for people like me that are the first generation of British children born into an African family. U.K. afrobeats allows us to take what we know from the music we heard our parents listen to and what we know from modern afrobeats and make that sound ours.


Watch part 2 of #ATasteOfAfrica with Mika talking about her dream collaborations and also getting views from AfroBeat Acts, Juls & New Age Muzik about what the future of UK AfroBeats should be looking like and what is needed for the genre to be strong.


NewAgeMuzik are a group of artists and producers giving you a new flavour to UK Afrobeats and building a name with every drop, they want to see more artists have this as a career and living of the genre just like any other artist in any other genre and this mix made by their official DJ you can hear why its true