A2 – Pluto Interlude

A2 has let us know that he is dropping a L.P and has called it BLUE and even though you think he called it that because he likes the colour, ┬áhe is making it the acronym for Before Love Undoes Everything…Deep right!?

While he decides when he is ready to give the body of work, and it will be out in 2015 he woke up and decided to give us one of the tracks off the project and it is the Pluto interlude of the project and him in his own way making the female he talks so much about in the track feel so good about her and letting her know that this isn’t for her this is for him.

Im guessing he is just venting in the way A2 can! You can see he has put a lot of emotion in this latest project and it could top all the other great ones he has previously!

Listen to the track here:

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