Acekeyz ft Sharlene Klarice – Let’s Go “There is a lot of work that the producer does to put together a song”

Producer and Songwriter AceKeyz has given us tracks along side Avelino, Wretch 32, Etta Bond and he gave us a classic when he gave us the production for Bonkaz & Avelino’s Shine.
Although he did promised a great project off the back of that he understood the power of timing  and didn’t give a release date and we got to talk to him about his new drop with the very soulful Sharlene Klarice and the topic that the producer is due a lot more ratings when it comes to the track
There is a lot of work that the producer does to put together a song before and after an artist comes into the studio to record.
It’s been a while since we heard you produce and release Shine, which had Bonkaz and Avelino on and we were due a project from you what happened to that?

When we made shine it was a special moment and the song was received very well by the public. The Acekeyz project was supposed to follow after but the timing wasn’t right. I Needed to make sure I developed  as a musician/producer in order to remains consistent and maintain a unique sound.

Tell us more about this soulful track and why Sharlene Klarice was the best option for this track?
Well in regards to the song I actually started the instrumental on my insta live. Quite a few people tuned in including Sharlene Klarice (an Amazing vocalist who I had previously sampled for Avelino’s daily duppy). She whatsapped me voice’s of her free-styling to my insta live video and I knew she would be perfect for the track straight away. Got her in the studio few days later and we finished writing and recording same day.  Sent it off for a final mix and mastering at Abby Roads Studio and it was a wrap from there.

With the release of this does it mean the project is back on or more singles to build up the traction again?

There will definitely be a project coming. TBH I’ve been working on it for some time.  As for a date it’s still yet to be confirmed.  But there will be more single releases due to come. I have a wide range of music that I make so for me it’s just about putting out enough music so when a body of work does come out listeners will be more receptive to an eclectic body of work.

One thing many say is that the producer is due more respect! in your career do you feel like your part to play in a track is respected and how do you make sure that it is?

Well in my case the majority of music I’ve put out has been with Avelino.  He’s always given me credit where it’s due and as a result of working with him and Wretch I’ve had a lot of work come my way.  I’ve never been a person for attention or spotlight so for me the respect comes on paper in terms of making sure I’m credited on the songs other than that if someone was interested in finding out who produced a song they like they would go and look for the producer.

I don’t think u need a tag at the start of a song saying your name to do that. Not to say there’s anything wrong with that, I’ll rather just let my music speak for me.
We are seeing a lot of producers putting the song together and putting it out themselves do you think there will be an increase of that blueprint?

Yeah I think so.  There is a lot of work that the producer does to put together a song before and after an artist comes into the studio to record. No discredit to the artist, the are the people who complete the song without them the song wouldn’t be what it is. However  I think with the increase of producers putting records out themselves causes the audience to acknowledge the production of a record as a whole as opposed to just the artist.

In my case I felt it was important to start building a body of work that when you type my name in google you would be able to Play, stream or purchase.

The song will be out on all platforms and streaming services from the 18/08/17 but is available to pre-order now.
Watch the Lyric video in full here


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