If anything is ‘For The Culture’ its The Chicken Connoisseur

All this talk of culture had us thinking what have we truly seen that is For the culture, what was the one thing we did that was universally a true London past time. As a child I remember getting 4 wings and chips at my local chicken shop for £1! Now times have changed and as I’ve got older the meals get more expensive, then the fried chicken started to be contested with the healthier grilled option or even a wrap but there was no denying it chicken shop chicken was amazing to us!

Everyone represented and said their local chicken shop had the best wings and it got to the point where people were going to other ends to try these wings and compare but the answer was never definite.

We then came across something so genius that we have to show everyone..The Chicken Connoisseur!

The young man that is also a crep connoisseur travels the city to personally review the chicken shops meal and lets you know where you can get a great 4 wings chips and a burger and they review all the way to the price!

Make sure you tweet him and tell him about your favourite chicken shop!

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