Apple launch Apple Music for Artists

Knowing the power people put into stats these days and the way it tips so many into listening just off of the back of knowing how many other people play it Apple Music officially have dropped¬†¬†‘Apple Music for artists’ giving the artists that put their music to the masses full access to how well and where the music is going.

Letting everyone know how this new system will be put in place it was told that the initial beta rollout involves a few thousand artists who will test the product and see what adjustments and expansions, if any, should be made before Apple Music for Artists opens in the Spring to the several million artists with content on the iTunes and Apple Music platforms. Later plans call for a mobile app.

Will this sway you toward the streaming service and as for those already on the service and heavily focus the music on stats on the artist side this may be one of the most transparent ways to see all your analytics from the countries everyone is playing your music, what songs are popular and the ages the people are, crazy right but it does sound very similar to Ryan Leslie’s Superphone but without the accessibility to contact these listeners.

Even though being a couple of years later that others it probably was best way to see the flaws and how it can be incorporated in the most efficient way possible!




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