Arthur Avellano the Leather Lord

On our first day in Paris, our friend’s over at Station Service invited us to a show by a designer new to us by the name of Arthur Avellano. A quick glance at the designer’s Instagram and we were taken by the rich leather pieces. Each garment was equally striking not only in material but also in design, from leather blazers to shirts and capes!

The show took place in the unusual setting of a football stadium, with a drone overhead it kicked off with swathes of leather on display. The designer does not hold back, using a mix of bright and dark colors to create both sportswear and formal looks. He experiments with various cuts from flared mens trousers, to culottes, and draped vests and the leather even features in the accessories!

Under the sweltering Parisian sun, these vibrant pieces glistened with every step. Arthur Avellano takes leather beyond its conventional ideal and uses it to construct daily wear that is both stylish and seemingly comfortable. Arthur’s pieces flourish when paired with formal wear due to the juxtaposition between the fluidity of the leather and the structure of the wool pieces and it’s in this context that we appreciated the items the most. If there’s one brand that knows what to do with leather its Arthur Avellano, the leather Lord!

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