Ash Shakur takes us way back with his track ‘Nokia’

After reintroducing himself musically late last year with debut music video ‘Who Is It’, Ash Shakur is ready to give 2016 his all, as he anticipates the release of his debut EP ‘Hare This’. The first offering from the project is the nostalgic ‘Nokia’, a catchy tune that takes a trip down memory lane when technology played a lesser role in our lives. “Nokia” further marks Ash’s skill in writing memorable and entertaining hooks over an old school sounding beat produced by Koji.

As well as reflecting on a time when we had to press a button three or four times to type one letter into a text, ‘Nokia’ gives a strong introduction for what to expect from ‘Hare This’, due to be released on 29th January. Ash hopes for the song, like all of his art, to provoke thought and discussion, and he lets his mind wander: Nowadays people’s attention spans are shorter, in digesting music and tech. This pins the question on what would be our new nostalgic experience in terms of technology and would we have time to really cherish it?

Two words that describe Ash Shakur perfectly are creative visionary. As co-founder of his collective Art Life Central, he focuses on expressing himself through art and fashion as well as music. This year, Ash is set to make a notable impression on UK rap with his refreshing delivery and unique subject matters. Look out for his forthcoming EP ‘Hare This’.

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