[Audio] Ajia – Real Love

 I’ve always given myself two rules in life; that in whatever I do I’m going to make a change whether it’s through my art or music. My other goal is to make people happy. – AJIA

This is her debut single so we are taking it as an introduction so its right we introduce her properly. Ajia is 21 and from South East London and yes it’s that story where she was in her church choir and although it maybe the norm there have been some amazing voices that have come from churches and South East London.

Once she got into songwriting she changed her topics and tone aged and this song shows her unique different approach. With inspiration from Kanye and Mary J Blige lyrics we get a nice combination of her way to put her style out on a track.

R&B is a genre that can bring you timeless music and we asked the singer/songwriter when writing your songs do you go for timeless or like to make music for that moment; she let us know

‘When I write music I write about my experiences and things that I have witnessed. I’m definitely not the first to experience these things and won’t be the last too. I may be influenced by the music of today but I’m also influenced by music from the past which I consider to be “timeless music”. In my opinion, to write music just for the moment, it’s like following a trend and writing music for the hype. This music I believe will only last for that period as trends come and go. However, I will say that I write about situations that are happening to me in that moment in time but the message in the music is timeless. I don’t see myself as a trend follower but as a creator and hope that people will still be listening to my music in 30 years.’

You can hear power in her voice and she will be giving a debut EP titled Visions by the end of 2017 and as the R&B and soulful voice in the city are being championed and recognised more and more every day Ajia intends to be recognised for some great music.



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