[Audio] Charlotte Turnbull – Highs & Lows Ft. SNE

The title Highs & Lows refers to life’s ups and down, we’re all human so we all experience a rollercoaster of emotions and are put through real life situation. The song has a great and realistic meaning to it, accompanied by Charlotte Turnbull‘s beautiful vocals, and SNE’s capturing flow.
The beat is very instrumental, energetic and has a lot of character to it, with elements of that smooth r&b sound coupled with a hint of Hip Hop courtesy of SNE.
Charlottes’ voice is sweet yet soulful, her soft tone works seemingly with the beat, both elements complement each other very well.
The chorus is very catchy, repetitive and enjoyable. Very trendy!
SNE brings a UK Hip Hop flare to the song, lyrically very dope! The timing of his flow is crucial, he lands on the beat almost perfectly!
High & Lows is a great energetic, r&B tune with a hint of Hip Hop!
Listen to the song below

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