[Audio] COLL – Take It Slow

It’s very rare we have a Norwich based artist sending work our way for us to Certify and its great to see that the growing music scene and the boom of successful UK artists has encouraged so many and Coll decided to give us something after a year away.

Take it slow by Coll has a catchy chorus and lyrics that are quick to remember to many will sing along a track that will hopefully bring a lot more love to whatever is coming from him.

Talking to him we wanted to know how is the Norwich music scene growing as it’s something that’s doesn’t get a great look but as we are seeing success in the UK music scene does he see more creatives emerging in the city ?

The Norwich scene is looking very positive right now & I am starting to see more talented people emerge from this area. I believe in the next year or two you will be hearing more good things from here.
What does your music represent and how do you try to be as unique as possible in this ever-changing scene?

My music has always been about positive vibes and telling my stories through the music. I play with a lot of different instruments and sounds when making new music. I make sure that whatever I make sounds like nothing I have done before, I treat it as if its my first and last song.

He is someone who isn’t afraid to try things in his music and hone in on influences of music he enjoys and makes his own.


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