Jords – Working Too Hard

Soon after Means to an Ends Jords when back into studio and in-between shut down some shows, talk to rising artists trying to be in the same position to do it themselves with a strong small team and touching these fronts not only homegrown but internationally and just like that has an EP ready to go.

Tilting this one before we begin which may mean another album has been conjured and possible making another album but before all that lets see what he has on offer and working Too Hard has him in his R&B voice attached to a catchy chorus and calming tones and this was a definite great choice to have fans excited for new music.

Its feel good music to celebrate his success of him and his people and even if it means he ends up in anti social hours he is doing what he loves and that what he wants to show!


Make sure you support and pre order and you will get this track for your playlists

In the same week he has given us the visual for his opening track of the EP so take it in this Chase Paul directed music video


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