[Audio] Oscar #worldpeace – No White God

This was needed truly! As we are dealing with a madness in the world with so many extremes now becoming daily talking points of society, its good to get a straight up message with meaning that sounds good to the ear also. All facts coming from Oscar #Worldpeace talking on the unlawful killings of young black men even touching on the murder of  Mark Duggan and also tragic happenings by police and also the lead single to his upcoming EP IC3, it seems like the theme we will be getting is breaking the stereotype of what police call a typical IC3 and getting to touch on theme very few, so No White God is a term that will make many feel uncomfortable but that is the whole point.

It’s a bigger message he want to address and its something we do need to talk about and this project will hopefully impact as Oscar is always about impact.

Pre-Order the project, support this young king using his platform to open real dialogue and you get No White God in your library

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