Birth Of The Dream

On Saturday 5th of December the world was introduced to one of the most innovative brands launched this year. XDreams brings a different customer experience to the UK fashion scene, not having clothes available online and only in pop ups around the UK at select times keeps the brand extremely exclusive and makes it essential to pick up pieces as soon as they’re made available.

I was lucky enough to actually attend the launch and release of the first collection called ‘BIRTH’ in BoxPark Shoreditch at the Fresh Laces Pop Up which included some sick items like the Black Denim Jacket and Green Leather Jacket, both boldly representing the XDreams brand.

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Founder of the brand, Giovanni, tells us that we can expect another collection release in March of 2016 and says that this collection will be a lot ‘cleaner’ in terms of logo placement and that a lot more attention will be paid to detail and the selection of fabrics so the best is yet to come from this brand! Check out the Official Lookbook and the visuals of this release:

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