Bugzy Malone hits number 6 in the Official top 40

Manny definitely made it on the map as Bugzy Malone officially has a top 10 project and peaked at No.6 as the the official charts wrapped up for the week and saw him in the likes of Beyonce, Drake & Coldplay up there keeping him in good company!

The ‘Facing Time’ project; which he used his prison mug-shot as the cover and was created with possible jail time on the table, saw a complete wave as he all his fans support from pre-orders alone and gave him great love for the 0161 representative. This a another great shift to see a UK artist, a UK grime artist, A UK Grime artist that isn’t in London has charted in a powerful way.

Congrats to you Bugzy,

if you haven’t already seen his newest video ‘We Don’t Care’ watch it here:

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