#CertiCheckIns : Dionne Reid |Reid Mix, KiD iN YOU & being a gameshow host

The creator of the #ReidMix and one person who will have you smiling so hard after a conversation with her, Dionne Reid checks in with us to talk about her #ReidMix series extending, her new company embracing the kid in all of us and how her new gameshow will have you running all over your house and laughing till you hit the floor

You are known for the very high positive energy what’s one thing you do everyday to keep that energy on high?

Step by step. I exercise gratitude daily and celebrate the here and now. Learning to let go of things out of my control along with reminding myself I have a choice everyday.

Congratulations on your new company ‘Kid in you’ and the take care pack. Tell us more about the concept behind the brand.

Thank you so much! I have always been quite youthful with my ways which I initially thought was a bad thing. Performing as an adult over the years became tiring and extremely depressing I didn’t realise I had options. I found I was more effective, happier and felt more myself when able to explore, create, imagine and play. All the qualities of a child. KiD iN YOU is a well being and entertainment company. We use the power of play to help you through another day. Reminding you what it feels like to reconnect with yourself and others. Official launch coming soon. KiDiNYOU.CO.UK

Your Reidmix’s are one of the most unique things in music and with all the cool drops what is your favourite one and one you are looking forward to do?

Thanks! Hmmm my favourite…. They are all my favourite in the moment lol. AH man I can’t pick … Ok Today I will say ‘SiSTER SiSTER’ but by the time you read this it may have changed again. 

You are becoming quite the game show host and is that going to be the next profession added to your skill set?!

It’s been extremely fun. I love making people feel good. I use my art to speak my heart so wherever it flows I go.

Finish this sentence: The next Reid Mix will be…..

out in April Ha!

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