#CertiCheckIns : Lauren Ackie | Disney Classics, Home recording & New Hobbies

One of the purist voices you will ever hear is from Lauren Ackie and checking in with her we learn about her new hobbies and her utilising her instagram giving us covers while making sure she is making the most out her Disney+ and recording from home building up her catalogue.

You really know how to cover a song amazingly, what has been your favourite one to sing while in isolation?

There are so many! My favourites are mostly Disney classics. I love Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid

Would self recording an EP from home be something you’ll consider doing?

I’ve considered it. But I’m gonna focus on singles for a while. When I feel like people are ready to receive multiple tracks from me at once, I will absolutely do another EP. I’ve been working on some singles from home though, so keep an ear out for those! 🔥

What has one new hobby you have picked up during this time?

I’m learning to play guitar. This is probably the 3rd time I’ve tried 😂 but I’m hoping to stick it out this time.

Finish this sentence:The next time you hear music from me will be……

Soon! I just dropped my new single “Release” a few weeks ago so will let that shine for a while before dropping some more gems. But definitely more coming this year! 😁

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