#CertiCheckIns : Rachel Foxx | Flights, Duets & Make up Tutorials

We check in with the songstress that gave us her thoughts in all caps, and with her always giving us a new location via her instagram, Rachel Foxx lets us know how she is handling the lockdown, how her writing has been back in her bedroom and where is the first place she is looking to fly out to once given the green light.

You like to catch flights and leave your feels in your music so what is the first location your heading to after the lockdown is lifted?

LA!! I’m actually supposed to be there right now but the lockdown messed up the schedule. I have like… this love hate relationship with Los Angeles but I have now signed with a U.S management and my creative team are based over there so I will have to fly there to finish all my work. 

Has social distancing affected the depth of your writing ?

It’s bittersweet because I just always write when I’m inspired, it’s really random, I wish I could turn it on and off like a tap but it really doesn’t work like that… It is kinda hard to be inspired being stuck in the house all day but when I think back to when I first started out, when I was releasing music on soundcloud alone… I only use to write in my bedroom so I kinda just feel like I’m back to the basics. Its kinda beautiful.

Have you decided to add a new form of income during these times ? e.g Make up tutorials…

I have definitely started doing more tutorials than usual! haha but its not for income its more of the effect to stay engaged with my followers and also I’ve got more free time so why not.

If you could put together a duet with you and a Male artist who are you picking? 

Bryson Tiller, Usher, Jon B or Donell Jones

Finish this sentence. The next time you hear new music from me will be…..
MAY 2020 <3

If you don’t know Rachel you’ll enjoy this:

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