#CertiCheckIns : ySo? |Beats, Battles & Pandemic

While all locked away, thought we would check on a few people that have time for us and first that hit us back with a whenever and whatever which we appreciate is ySo?. The rapper & producer has recently given us production credits in TE dness’ Pandemic and in E. Mak’s Latest drop Crack The Code 3 so we talk beats, battles and talk the feedback from Pandemic.

How many beats have you made per day while in isolation?

Per day it varies, I’m learning how to mix at the moment so a lot of time goes into that. On a normal day I can close with FL Studio with 3-5 beats, some finished some not. Some just simple expression and some placements.

You have produced a banger in pandemic with TE dness how have you felt the feedback has been from that ?

Yeah I made the beat in about 20 mins attempting drill which I don’t usually make. Had a trap loop and it just sounded like TE from the off. I hit him like “yo ur gonna kill this” and low and behold at 2am about 6 hours later we had one. 100k in just over 48 hours is waaaay more reception than I’ve ever received rapping which also gives me a bit of perspective. I thought the drill producer community might pick at it but it’s been successful so far lol!

In your opinion do you think artists are being cautious in releasing new music & why?

I’d probably argue that some aren’t being cautious but actually lacking intuition. The creativity and efficiency required to drop during these times is difficult to come by. I know some artists don’t even know how to properly record, arrange and distribute, or don’t even have the resources for that matter. Despite my personal lack of releases artist wise for whatever reason, I’ve been practicing self sufficiency before the pandemic and the artists who have done the same (I.e TE & E. Mak) are facing little to no issues right now.

If you want to have one of these 20 track live battles who would you like to go track for track with ?

Ha! Battles are funny right now coz it’s become a catalog sound clash at times. I’d love to participate in a beat battle against some of the family like 5ive Beatz, Jay Youngs and Chris Andoh for the love of music, that would be sick. Although I’d need to re-organise my whole hard drive coz I don’t know what names pertain to which beat! It’s a whole mess. As an artist, I haven’t got near enough material out for a battle and I’d probably end up playing 70% unreleased lol! 

Finish this sentence: The next time you’ll hear new music from me will be……

The next time you will hear new music from me will be…last week of April/start of May.

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