Certified UK Interview : The Compozers

We get to sit with the instrumentalist musical Collective consiting of 4 members who are Producers/Music Consultant/Arrangers known as the Compozers and the guys: Charles “BIGGZ” on the Keyboard/Talk Box , David “MELO DEE” on Keyboard / Keytar , Nana “POKES” playing Bass Guitar/Bass Synth & Steven “DrummerboySJ” as the Drummer they have achieved greatness performing with the likes of Wizkid, Sarkodie, R2Bees and now currently on tour with George The Poet and gearing up toward their 4th huge headline show ‘A Night With The Compozers’ this time at the Shepherds Bush Empire and we get to have a chat with them touching on how the journey has been and how their love for music has taken them to this great milestone!


How has handling music and your actually not spitting bars or singing which is unconventional in this day and age where we are focused on the newest artist?

We just really love music and love playing instruments and being in the creative process and everyone has their thing and this is our thing and at least some of us (chuckling) didn’t want to spit but one of us can spit bars or at least used to spit bars but I feel like the talents lay more with the making something happen with instruments and causing a vibe through our instrumentation, and we have been able to hone in on that and also market that and make it our own and it has surprisingly got us to the point where people are drawn to our music aspect and we have made people more aware of the music behind the artist and more of the time people want to listen to the artist and the lyrics but we focus on the music and we make you appreciate the music by bringing it to life!


As a band what have you appreciated the most when creating the music?

Because we are a team of four individual music heads, where one stream of knowledge ends another picks up on it and in turn makes us stronger, because everyone has their strengths in music and when one person hears something your opinion may be bias but when you get another view from someone else they can make you see it in another way and that’s the beauty of being in a team!


If you had to make a Compozers mix of UK tracks who would make it if you had a top 5?

Tinie Tempah

Wretch 32

J Hus


Fuse ODG


Touring with George The poet, what lessons did you learn from him and him performing?

George is so away from the music and so intelligent its actually so amazing and ill never forget the first show, coming off and he says such deep things and the message he is conveying is very serious and very conscious and taken his book knowledge and strength with words and applied it to explain what is going on and what he see especially with the black youth and found a way to merge it all and because of his love for music and having such a strong belief behind it the message can be heard clearly and we completely side with the massage he is trying to get across!

Very refreshing and fresh, fresh for us because we have never been in that type of situation where we have had to do anything theatre related and its refreshing because when you leave that show you will feel educated and we create the ambiance and the rhythm and the music and that then gives us a big part to play with that!


Some people are shocked to see you in this position, personally how have you taken in the growth of yourselves?


  • Yes I take it in, but that doesn’t make me egotistic because the reality of it is there is always someone always above you doing something better and it never stops and you can never be comfortable and for example you can sell a million records so next you ant to get a billion records there is always a next step and we appreciate every blessing as its not an easy industry to be in and us taking the independent step we did, didn’t make it an easy journey but it has been worth it. This is a timeless act and there something we can do further.
  • Truly humble by this experience and we can only keep going and there are always new things to learn and new heights to climb and we don’t want anyone to think we think we have blown or we have made it and this is just one big learning experience and we will continue to grow and we always thank God for the experiences and the positions he has put us in and the positions he will put us in, in the future.
  • We spend so much time working on new projects that we completely forget the scope of what we are doing is reaching and its only when we have conversations with the likes of yourself where we reflect and its like ‘Rah we forgot we don’t it’ because the way we are moving internally before anyone sees is so rapid and we truly appreciate it and thank god for it and at the end of the day we are striving for something higher and want to do something ICONIC far beyond the money or the fame and the richest person in our industry still wakes up and still goes to work and that’s the person at the top so what are we doing so it doesn’t end.


Is there someone you would like to work with that you would like to turn their song into a live band sound?

Right now I would like to work with Drake, I don’t think that he has shown enough with a full live band experience. He did a couple band things earlier on in his career but he has lived a couple lives in his career and this particular life us linking up with them would be a moment and yeah he may have a couple elements now but I’m talking about a full live band experience and that would be a moment and with him reaching out to the UK a lot so we will cross paths one day!



A Message to the fans for what’s coming in the future?

Firstly THANK YOU! You guys are supporters and you are truly are supporter and like a wife to what we do (haha). Every time we have a show its amazing to see the turn out don’t even know how we do it because all we use is social media we don’t have any formal backing and there are artists bigger than us with the backing and they cant fill out a show the way we do and thats just facts!

But continue to support and we will continue with the music!

Support and go to ‘A night wit the Compozers 4’ at the Shepherds Bush Empire will be a great night Make sure you are there grab tickets here




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