Certified UK interview Lauren Ackie: ‘I aim to have my vocals/harmonies sound like the ocean’

We have always been a fan of Lauren Ackie from when we she gave us Blackout and when we invited her down to our HQ to talk about how her EP Genesis has been taken in by fans, we learn new things such as how her as a night owl has her making songs that many can feel and relate and her love for anime makes her one very cool singer & songwriter.

With her EP playing in the background and her having photos taken of her she tells us that she scrapped the initial plan for the EP and the only track that was saved was Drowning.
Tracing her fingers over the tattoos over her arms the conversation turned to her love for anime.

“I love my pebbles she’s my favorite one and I honestly have a craving for more tattoos. I draw them myself and get them inked on me.”

With her tattoos anime inspired she tell us about a list of her favourite anime shows:
“I like a lot of sport anime shows and actually learnt a lot of rules because of them but yeah, i like shows like: Kuroko’s Basketball, Black Prince & Wolf Girl, My Hero Academia, One Piece, Haikyuu, Hunter x Hunter, Full Metal Alchemist, Toradora, Skip Beat, Shokugeki no Souma, Erased…..got carried away but it’s what i really like and I like my anime with subtitles not dubbed” like a true purist.

As her shoot continues and she makes funny faces toward the camera we ask, what she wants people to feel when they hear her music and although she doesn’t do anything¬†for people the main thing she wants is to enjoy creating it.

I aim to have my backing vocals/harmonies sound like the ocean

While she is putting together these great tracks she is very comfy “when I’m in the booth I’m always in socks or sliders”.

She give a lot of her musical greatness to producer Sunny Kale, Known for creating tracks like 100 bags (Stormzy),¬†R&B Singer (Eric Bellinger), YO! (E. Mak ft. Big Zeeks) and Lauren’s lead single Drowning.

‘Sunny is the best! I can send over a skeleton and an idea of a track and then he will message and tell me he got it and knows from then if its going to be a great track and always turns out how i envisioned it to be’

One thing she did wish she give more of the fans was merchandise while we caught her talking on the phone with her artwork as the phone case and after the call she let us know ‘It was hard to know who had what phone and as a rising artist one thing i have to keep in mind was budgeting and hopefully once the music builds and reaches more that can be factored in’.

The singer/songwriter is very chill and as quirky as her hair and with her love for giving the best possible music she can deliver its great to know the person behind the music a listen to her music will make you a fan in an instant!

Make sure that you listen to The Genesis EP in full here

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