Certified UK Interview Nadia Jae: Decks, R&B and Motherhood

As her career continues to grow, Nadia Jae has created her platform celebrating R&B, CRnB that will build and will grow within the UK music scene for Soulful music. I had the opportunity to talk to the beautiful, hardworking Presenter, DJ, Writer & Super Mom.

How has the start of 2017 been for you?

Really chilled actually. Well my version of chilled is Radio Mon-Thurs and a booking on the weekend! I overworked my ass off last year and I decided it made no sense to burn myself out or add extra momentum by force. It could be June or January and I would have felt the same. Just happy to be alive and now enjoying the fruits of my labour for once!

Let’s begin with your Radio personality career, growing up was music always your passion and did you think it was going to be a career choice?

Not at all. I loved music like any other person but Dance was my passion. I was a professional dancer until the age of 18 and the I went to off to uni. In my second year, I got pregnant and we know the rest lol.

Was a career in music easy to get into, and financially was it hard working your way up?

I honestly think I was lucky because I was high key trying to be a TV presenter and possible weather girl. I wasn’t interested in radio other than my love for Jenny Francis, and I certainly wasn’t trying to be no DJ. My dad is a DJ/Host so I guess it was always a possibility, but I was the child making up dances in my room. Radio found me. I saw an advert for radio on Star Now a few years ago, and started working at Westside and that was it. Felt like I had found my groove. Financially it was hard. I had to balance a home, a child, my dream and everything else in between. But I loved it, and once you are in love with what you do the hard times are worth it.

Now you’re establishing yourself in the UK music industry, what’s it like juggling the many jobs you have as a DJ, presenter and writer, including owning your own company (which we will discuss) how do you manage all of that including being a mother to a young son? (Super Women!)

I’m not quite established yet but I am certainly grateful to those who support me and listen to the show. When you put it like that I am doing a lot! I spend a lot of time missing events and not socialising as much which I wouldn’t recommend lol. However, good sleep and eating patterns keep me sane. It’s important to know when your body needs rest. My diary is my best friend she deserves all the credit! Having a son is hard work because he’s 10 now so his needs are different. But, prioritising is my secret weapon.

What’s motherhood like for you? Does your son enjoy the perks of your success?

Oh gosh I love it! Gives me purpose. He does but I’m not sure he knows it to be fair. Going to WSTRN’s show and meeting Chip, Ghetts and Richard Blackwood is nothing to him lol. My son models so he has quite a few amazing experiences himself including playing football with Wayne Rooney. Not a bad life.

You have a few residencies as a DJ at prominent venues in London, when did you decide to become a DJ and how has that experience been thus far?

Man I still pinch myself because there are so many amazing DJ’s out there that haven’t had the platform or exposure that they deserve. I had a mix featured on BBC 1xtra after 6 months of DJing. It’s been amazing and scary, one of best decisions I have made career wise. I’ve been DJing for a year now so I just want to spend more time perfecting my craft.


You’re a very big fan of R&B music, you’ve created a great platform that recognises and celebrates the genre. How was that journey and the reception from the industry. How proud are you of how far it’s come?

Aw man RnB made me. Quite literally lol. I am mega proud of CRnB that is my second baby next to my son of course. It was such a small idea and seeing it grow in such a short space of time is incredible. I’m just glad people are still in love with the music and I look forward to putting more talent in the limelight.

What plans have you got for 2017?

More events, more holidays and less stress. in that order.



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