Certified UK Interview: Nyge ‘Learned alot more about the process of making a hit’

Since Nyge Produced Lock Off for Section Boyz, everyone wants a banger from him and making sure he has that authentic sound that has put him in the great position he is in and we get to chat to him to see what he has on that hard drive that we have yet to hear and also how he is learning through one of the countries more memorable years in UK for music
Talking on how he has found the last couple years of UK music he said ‘The transition from 2014 – 2016 has been crazy  there have been so many doors opening and different ways for people to celebrate the music whether its blogs, blogs, podcasts, radio, youtube etc and its all healthy for the scene, its only going to get  bigger and better no matter what’
One thing that gets said is that producers deserve more recognition for what they do and we have had many producers have put in a lot of work to give the city a soundtrack and Nyge agreed with it ‘I definitely feel like they do deserve more recognition for the work they do behind the scenes or at least a more celebrated platform specifically for them. Its slowly changing which is a good step forward but it is still a long way from being where it needs to be’.
Nyge has got to work with many artist representing different genres and working with talents Nationally and internationally he learned a couple things personally and when the studio is the work space ‘this year especially I learned alot more about the process of making a hit rather than just a song to put out and be forgotten which is something people overlook still but also something you can only know from living it day in day out’
Nyge’s artist list is very long and has made hits and and when it comes to people who he has yet to get in the studio to work with he confidence lets us know ‘thankfully not many people, but from from the UK, but Lancey Foux is on my target list and i’m also a big fan of Angel so who knows what might happen’
When it comes to him making these hits he is confident in his sound more than ever ‘the tracks this year have solidified my sound and made sure i wasnt just a one hit wonder,  but the process is usually never the same because everyone records differently and some don’t even record in the studio but some of the best songs could take an hour or a few weeks it just depends on the mood because you cant force it at the end of the day’
We wanted to peep the new music but keeping his next move close to his heart he tells us ‘best i dont say to avoid putting pressure but theres a special one from a high profile american that might just get released.’

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