Certified UK interview: RENZ ‘creating music other people can just flex to for real thats all that matters to me’

South London’s melodic soulful new gen member RENZ talks to us as he touches down from his holiday just to catch up with us exclusively just before he gets ready to have some new bangers a possible new project on the way:

CUK: How has things been since we had you on the Certified show?

RENZ: Not too bad thanks, I’m just staying busy building up all this music.

CUK: Any more mini linquiny’s or any planned for the summer lol?

RENZ: Haha yeah of course man, the Linquiny wave never stops, hopefully we can bring you lot one in august and another for halloween there is just so much stuff to sort out right now but Linquiny is too live to not make it happen alie?!

CUK: We know you got the pure series on motion so how is 2pure coming along?

RENZ: Yeah man I feel like I have almost finished 2Pure maybe just one or two more songs just to fill out the overall sound of the project but yeah “Right Now” should give you an idea of how im trying to turn up on this part of the series, I’m also dropping a side tape called “Impure” real soon just so I can flex tbh!


CUK: It’s all about the next big hit for UK artists are you being more strategic with what comes out next or just going with the vibe?

RENZ: I would be lying if I said I don’t want hits but honestly I’m far from focused on making a hit im just doing me and creating music other people can just flex to for real thats all that matters to me anything else is a blessing.

CUK: We have seen your close friend Bonkaz sign his deal with Sony/Pitched up and you were there to see him ink the deal how was that and did you speak before you guys raised you glasses?

RENZ: Yeah man the single deals Bonkz is getting with Sony right now is real special becuase we’ve had countless conversations about how we want operate in the whole business side of the game and to see the plan and blueprints we laid out materialise in front of our faces is just some real shit man, I’m just happy for my G you know what I mean but I told him we still got so much work to do.

Photo by Rianna Tamara

CUK: When we talked last you said your heavily influenced by bashment especially when your creating a track, what do you want people to understand more when they listen to you?

RENZ: Haha yeah bashment/dancehall is the best honestly people might hear my music and think that what im saying makes no sense lol but if you listen to how these artist flex over these beats more time just straight of the dome its exactly want I incorporate into my creative process, I haven’t physically written any lyrics down for like 3 years I just love to flex thats what I want people to take away from my sound, its all about the flex, you may not understand the flex you may not even know what the flex is but you can definitely be the flex.

CUK: Do you think we can get a new gen track with all members of new gen on, you could get an anthem out of it?

RENZ : You know what?! That would be a shout you know I might have to have a word about that one but to be fair we’ve all got songs coming out with each other I got 2 with Avelino coming, obviously loads with Bonkaz because we got NBA2 coming this year, TE Dness we’re working on getting in the studio and I’m on Clipstar’s up coming project so really for the rest of the year its gonna feel like a New Gen takeover especially because everyone has sick projects coming out.


Keep up with all from Renz and look out for the next drop!

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