Certified UK interview: Samm Henshaw ‘Being at festivals has been a blessing’

A favourite to Certified UK is Samm Henshaw and we decided to catch up as he has recently signed a record deal and has been playing at some amazing festivals and getting used to the busy music life really whilst making time to kick back and catch up on some cartoons:

CUK: Been a while since we have had you in Certified UK how has things progressed since?

SH: Everything is good, I’ve recently signed a deal with Columbia and have been doing a lot of shows. Just been keeping busy really but yeah it’s Been lots of fun!!

CUK: You were blessed enough to perform at a bunch of festivals including wireless how have you found it?

SH: Being at festivals has been a blessing and an experience ill never forget!



CUK: Of course you went as a fan who were you excited to see the most?

SH: Everyone was great see but James Bay stole the show and Jessie J killed it.

CUK: With all this great stuff people have forgot that your yet to drop your debut project we know that it’s done when can we look forward to that?

SH: Yeaa, It should be coming out in September! The launch is July 22nd GET YOUR TICKETS!

CUK: When your not rocking shows what are you getting up to?

SH: Chilling watching cartoons..🙈 or rehearsing haha my life has become very fun like that!

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CUK:t Course there will be some collabs soon who would you like to collab with very soon?

SH: I would love to collab with Labrinth and off course James Bay.
Congrats on Samm signing the deal and check out his newest video ‘Better’


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