Check out the Marbek x #TheCertifiedShow Collab shoot

Marbek styled #TheCertifiedShow hosts Nick Asiama & Shahlaa Tahira. with a couple of their high quality bomber jackets The luxury brand known for their signature DPM camouflage drops teaming up with the show, the hosts talk about how much they like the brand, and they explain why they like Marbek so much!
Show co host and personality Shahlaa said
‘Bomber Jackets are your classic casual jacket. They made a comeback in the last few years and it seems they are here to stay! What I love about Marbek’s bombers is that they have a design for everybody. They use different textures like satin and Suede as well as bold colours like gold black and khaki. The fit is amazing too, being so small sometimes bombers look overly big but Marbek has managed to give the bomber look without me drowning in material. The Bombers are so versatile and I love that I can throw it on with some tracksuit bottoms or dress it up with a crop top. Also Marbek are very smart in making their range unisex. It’s 2016 and boy/girl/girl/boy gender in fashion has become an illusion.’
The reason why she likes Marbek also is ‘There are sooo many street brands out at the moment in the UK. It’s amazing that we are representing our culture but the only down side I feel is now anyone thinks their the next Stella McCartney. It’s not as simple as order some T-Shirts and stick a logo on it. That is why Marbek has such potential to be globally successful because they take care in the detail of their pieces. Like the gold trim around the zip on the ladies green Camo Bomber. I love that they are proudly repping London Town and the clothes are designed by Londoners because #TheCertifiedShow is all about pushing talent from the UK so the collaboration makes perfect sense. I hope other Londoners get behind and support their local brands, especially Marbek. At the end of the day I doubt a high-end brand really understands what it is to be a young Londoner, unless they came from here. So why do people think that will represent them?
Founder and host on the show, Nick Asiama loves the bomber jackets:
‘The fact that the brand is from West London like me and I’m getting to represent them like this is great and I’m blessed to be working alongside a great team like them, the quality of the bombers are amazing and they have something for everyone, they made sure it fit me perfectly and i didn’t know that there is a different style for how you wear it so I’m taking in the gems they give me and I’m a personal fan of bomber jacket so its fitting!
When documenting what goes on in the music scene, especially on the rise on our sides we want to show as many stems the culture have not from just music but in the fashion we portray to the lifestyle we live day to day and its crazy to hear that we did a shoot based around radio presenters as you don’t see them but times have changed, people want to know the people and personalities they invest time into listening to.
Thankful again that we could showcase the bombers whilst doing what we do in platforming the best music rising out of the UK, whilst having one of the biggest artists on the rise today in Frenzy in the studio and one of the best brands on the rise in Marbek making us look on point and their vision for the future is amazing and see them being around for a very long time’
Shahlaa is the wearing Green DPM Bomber
Nick is wearing the Suede field Bomber jacket
All can be found via the official Marbek website
Photography by Khevyn Ibrahim

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