Check out the Tracklist from Che Lingo and his ‘Better Versions’ EP

Che Lingo got to head to to Beats 1 to talk to Julie Adenuga about his love for anime and and tells his story to the people they may of heard him for the first time and also got to premiere his track ‘Better Versions’ exclusively on the show!

Riding off the high; Che decided to release the official tracklist of the EP and lets us know that it is coming soon and will be affordable for the people to support the plan.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 10.21.31

The Track list shows four tracks including Better Versions and already heard Zuko (interlude). This is Che completely in his stride and very confident in the music he is putting out now that he is putting a price on it.

Listen to Better Versions here:


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