Clobber for the Culture by Chapz Clobber

Let’s face it if you’re from London you’re going to need to be streetwise to deal with the random things we see in our local area.  Our love for British slang brought us to a brand who incorporates British culture into their clothing. From the use of slang to cartoon versions of well-known British grime artists, Chapz Clobber replicates the best of the culture.   From its ‘are you really from the ends’ caption tee to its ‘boy in the corner’ socks, the brand captures British favourites. Chapz clobber pays homage to the roadman within us all, we especially like the ‘Mind the Trap Socks’ and the ‘Pagan’ hat!  We would like to see more of the caption tees and even more socks (maybe one with Phil Mitchell – just because).  Chapzclobber is definitely doing bits in London town so shout out to them for keeping it greazy!




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