Cross continents in Labrum

We’ve been meaning to post about this brand for a while, after first being introduced to them by our friends over at Not Just Another Store.  When it comes to creating practical menswear that is both effortless in design, and timeless, this brand has it down to an art form. Labrum is a London based brand owned by Foday Dumbuya, and the Sierra Leonian designer continues to expand our minds with each collection.

Whilst billed as menswear, we couldn’t help but notice that the pieces looked amazing on our babes Emily O’Donnell and Almass Badat; a testament to the versatility of the brand. Labrum is known for its well tailored two-pieces that can be dressed up or down. The brand recently launched an ‘In Detail’ series which spotlights a handful of Londoners to tell their story.

-Shot by Toria Chys

-Shot By Ollie Trenchard

With the caption ‘Designed by an Immigrant’, being seen on some of their hoodies, you can see the African influence seeping into the textiles used. Labrum’s clothing is both classic and modern, we believe this is as a result of the classic cuts fused with a modern twist in palette and patterns. Their SS18 ‘Pattambi’ look has to be our favourite, featuring their woven unlined duster coat with matching trousers and shorts! However, the AW18 collection is smooth and ideal for formal wear.

Labrum is able to express cultural heritage through their clothing and figuratively takes their audience on a journey through their exploration of colors and patterns. What we like about Labrum is their authenticity is not only representing other cultures, but educating their consumers either on historical events or manufacturing techniques so we are able to appreciate the design development process.

We are pleased to know that Labrum will be presenting their collection at London Fashion Week Mens on the 9th of June.  This brand continues to cross continents to bring us pieces that are rich in culture much like the London scene they originate from. With this formula Labrum will always be a leading edge in fashion!

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