#CUKPremiere: AJIA doesn’t believe the fairytale in new single – Sentimental Easing

With Ajai pushing her debut EP all through last year she gave us vibes throughout and now starts the year with another R&B vibe over a smooth sample talk on the dreams told and sold and just doesn’t believe the myth of it.

Speaking to Ajia we she tells us the origin story of the song and the name of the sample on the single:

With this being a new single is this the start to the next one?
I definitely have loads of new music coming out this year!
What was the sample in the song?
The sample is from Nat king Cole – Sentimental reasoning.
Does this song come with a story?
This song came from a conversation I had with friends about relationships . where some just didn’t want to get into anything serious anymore and just wanted to focus on self love. Some of them felt like the word love had lost its meaning because it was said so much it became nothing more than just a word. In this day and age where we hear about people breaking up and getting a divorce on a daily the idea of true love seems so rare. There’s been many times where I’ve watch romantic movies with my friend and we’re like “this doesn’t happen in real life”. The idea of love at this point seems like a thing that happens in fairytale.
Enjoy the new single and look out for more:

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