#CUKPremiere: Hatty Keane puts her powerful vocals on display in Digital Love

This was the first time getting to listen to Hatty Keane and her voice was instantly so powerful to the ears you can picture this song being the soundtrack to the break up part in a blockbuster movie and the hook to her new single Digital Love, showed that she could really leave an impact and will have you surprised that you have not enjoyed her blues filled ballad style song and the catalogue she has to offer. 

After telling her that she sounds like she should write be putting together a soundtrack we talked movies and how she puts herself in her feels when putting together her music:

Photography by photo.by.ian

If you could of wrote the soundtrack to a movie what would you pick?

James bond and The Joker. Dark and epic.

When writing these songs, whats your most enjoyable part of the process and with the powerful vocals you display in your music is it hard to get in that mindset when recording as it is past feelings you are tapping into?

I really like letting that powerful side of myself out since the normal me is pretty laid back so it makes me feel alive when I let that passion out. 

What is an important goal you wish to achieve going into 2020 and giving us you next EP?

I want to really nail down my sound across the whole EP moving smoothly from each track to the next with a story that connects each one to the next. Also really looking forward to getting out live in 2020.

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