#CUKPremiere : Jords feels like MJ and will get you feeling good with his new single ‘Glide’

The South Londoner, Jords is officially online and with the build up he gave this song he has titled glide, it was always going to be a special type of track.
You have probably heard the drop to the track since late last year and the infectious hook that will make you wanna hit that glide was the way to entice you and now added with the bars to hear how life on his side has been for him and his people.

With his catalogue already filled with great music he feels this one truly has powers and you can hear it from the moment you press play.

Photography by Lucero Glow
This song has been a long time coming how does it feel to finally have it out?

It’s perfect man. This feels like the first thing that I released and worked on in my own time, not giving in to pressure of rushing something for short term gain. This is the first piece of the bigger puzzle that will unfold

Glide was being pushed from late last year tell us the process in that?

Well I just posted up a clip on instagram to be honest but we knew all along that this was the song that would be released first. The feedback was crazy! So I just kept letting people know that this song is coming, without giving too much away. I knew this time of year would be the perfect time to drop it, I want it to be the soundtrack of happiness all summer.

The sentimental value in this song is huge did your grandmother get to hear the single?

I wish I played her the song. I think about it all the time and I regret not playing it to her. But I can feel her watching over me, even though she isn’t here in the flesh, I talk to her every day and I want to make her proud with everything I do.

Your catalog is huge and you have some great songs but this one feel special do you feel like that?

Thank you. This song does have powers, I can feel it in the response from people when I play it. Thats the main thing about this song, the effect it seems to have on other people, it makes people happy. Which is an honour for me.

With all the albums coming out this year yours is a definite thought in your head, how you think your approach will show you at your best to date?

I’m not going to give it all away until I’m ready.

But for now enjoy and appreciate Glide!

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