#CUKPremiere : Listen to the melodic tones from WAVY$OUL Ft. MINI D – TRAP$TAR

Tapping into his melodic vibe, Wavy$oul’s debut track Trap$tar is one that will stick in your head throughout the day after first listen.
Born in Portugal but raised in London he lets you know exactly what a trapstar is in his words.
His securing the bag mentality is why many will rock with this song and working with an US feature in Mini D & producer IamTash the sound is something you’ll probably hear from a lot of US artists have today but this is just one side to what he has and know that this style wont be the only one that defines him

“This track only shows one side of who I am. Trapstar is more of a vibe/club song. Which I wrote when I was gassed after recording another track in the studio. It took me 15 minutes to write Trapstar.
Other sides of me are influenced by the likes of Sade,Roy Ayers,BB king and Nirvana.”

With him always making music and it being a full passion keep an eye out to what different sides he portrays on his musical journey, but for now take this in and vibe exclusively through us.

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