#CUKPremiere : Take a TFL journey with C.A.M & CW Jones as he calls out the ‘Sleepwalking’

That repetitive journey on the train especially in the morning is one that really does get dull and draining and the energy given in a hip-hop style by C.A.M talks on the sleepless and those that are working and with nothing to do along with his almost his statement on what he has called mechanical.

With a laid back chorus by CW Jones to allow you connect to to the track in full and when talking about C.A.M finding his purpose through music and also this new project he tells us:

For me I found my purpose in music after my mum died. I know that sounds bad as though she was blocking me from finding it but its just the way life works sometimes. I put my mother through pure torment, growing up being involved in criminal sh*t, robbing and stealing, selling drugs etc. Eventually I ended up serving a year inside and I found writing lyrics and reading really helped as a ‘bird killer’. Not long after coming out she got very ill over the course of about 2 weeks then passed away from a heart attack on the operating table during a triple heart bypass. I was rocked to say the least but it put life into perspective. I thought to myself, if I die next year or next week what will I regret not doing, and that was it, i had to show people who I was through music, I had to show people how my mind thinks and processes life. It helped me in jail and it helped me focus on the future during a time where I felt my life had been torn apart. She always wanted me to be happy as every mother does, and music was the one thing I enjoyed doing. Everything I do is dedicated to her as I want to make her proud, that is now my soul purpose.

When we touch on his upcoming project ‘Just Breathe’ he knew the approach he wanted to take but it never came as easy as he thought it would.

With ‘Just Breathe’ I teamed up with bristol-based producer Big like Baz. He hit me up from the beginning when I dropped my first visual for ‘Act like you know’ and we always talked about working on something together. I think listeners will really find his production stands out from alot of other boombap producers. Personally when I heard the instrumentals for ‘Just Breathe’ and ‘The Offering’ I just didnt know what to write, I was too entranced by the sounds that I almost didn’t wanna hear words potentially ruin them. I also think listeners will like the level of honesty I deliver in my lyrics. I never hold back with self expression, if the content doesn’t feel like therapy to me it will never go further then a scribble in my notepad. Alot of artists are tryna play up to some fake image of drug kingpins that cant fall in love and only have one motive which is fast money and sex. But I feel one of my qualities is that I aint afraid to show im a flawed vulnerable human just like you and that theres more to life then money and bitches..that shit is a manufactured distraction from what DOES actually matter.

The video is one you’ll pay attention to and will make you want to listen to the EP in full so take it in.

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