#CUKPremiere – UK Short Film Trailer ‘Baddies’

Witness the birth of a 'Baddie' in film trailer, 'Baddies'
Witness the birth of a ‘Baddie’ in film trailer, ‘Baddies’.


UK Production Company, Blame The Consumer, are back again with another thrilling film trailer that certainly seems to have a storyline that’ll intrigue, excite and dispel any doubts about UK cinema being dull, uninventive and unoriginal. Blame The Consumer, a company who specialise in (but are in no way limited to) short films, feature lengths, screenwriting, cinematography & documentaries, are attempting to spark a revolution through media production, spearheading an approach to short films that is imaginative and cutting edge. The trailer for ‘Baddies’, a film slated to be released in 2016, begins immediately in a shroud of mystery, making viewers wonder who this ‘baddie’ is, what they want or desperately need, what fuels their ambitions and how far they are willing to go to attain their heart’s desires. Themes of temptation, power and corruption, survival, innocence and deception as well as sexuality and identity seem to be simultaneously in play through the trailer, which points to a mesmerising and EPIC short film, possibly one of Blame The Consumer’s best to date.


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Based on the trailer, once this short film is ready, I guarantee it will NOT be one to be missed! Blame The Consumer have a string of successful short films so far and seem to be showing no signs of slowing down, most notable releases being RESPONDER (2014) , BLOWING ON EMBERS (2015) and CROOKED FRAME (2015). And, if the stunningly frightening trailer for upcoming film ‘Little Jessie’, available for viewing at http://blametheconsumer.com/projects/littlejessie.html, and the warning message at the end of the ‘Baddies’ trailer about a cunning, manipulative and all-powerful ‘bad bitch’ being cloaked in sheep’s clothing are anything to go by; Blame The Consumer are people to firmly keep on your radar if you haven’t heard of them already.

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In a world fuelled with drugs and prostitution, Georgia is slowly falling deeper down the rabbit hole. When her degree doesn’t come with the promises she was given, she is pulled onto a dark path which her friends, Lacey and Ty are much familiar with. In desperation for money and belonging, Georgia the innocent little graduate, fights with the addiction that comes with the lifestyle. With strong language, drug references and scenes of a sexual nature, Blame The Consumer presents “BADDIES” written and directed by R.M. Moses. Produced by Kristian Sakulku and R.M. Moses. Starring Yana Penrose, Maia Watkins, Lucy Hill, Joseph Steyne & Emilio Aniba.

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  • August 25, 2015 at 9:55 am

    Wow, this looks serious! Can’t wait for the première, so much talent in the UK


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