#CUKPremiere: Uncle Frank give us a Double-A Side Drop “Love Lion / Tokyo”

Meet Uncle Frank, a Leicester duo that bring a lot of Funk, Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock and greatness into their music and with such a range to offer and they really do make great music.

Made up of Frank BenbiniNaim Cortazzi the cocktail of great vocals, writing, production and instrumentation along with the mixing skills of Tim Latham alongside has made the music they make as great and transcending to fans as it has.

They say:

“The world needs this kind of music – because it’s real and self-made, feel-good and original.”- Uncle Frank

With their forthcoming “Love Lion” album due out this March we get a nice taster in the two releases Love Lion & Tokyo in the lead up and fans get hard-rock driven sounds from ‘Love Lion’ and a more 80’s-esque turn, the synth-rock stylings of ‘Tokyo’ bring a more pop-driven quality that will keep listeners clapping and singing along.

We had to premiere this because Uncle Frank is an example of how a duo from Leicester can have music pushed to US soil and resonated and taken in by so many fans all over the world and they are so confident in themselves and their music is truly apparent in the music.

We also get to premiere the video for Love Lion and its a hard hitting one also with the journey of a boxer in training giving the focus of the video a nice look to the track itself. They had this idea for years ‘We are big Rocky and boxing Fans and we were going to be the stars in the video then when we went down and saw the real boxers actually boxing we asked them to do it instead! It was an ode to our hometown and there was no acting involved in this they were really heavy sparring.

Watch Love Lion here:

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