#CUKPremiere : Zeb Samuels fuses Dub and spoken word in ‘Lost In My Dreams’

This is a genre where music can get very repetitive and if the production isn’t one to enjoy will be forgot about or can be one where the words aren’t as deep but Zeb Samuels made sure his single Lost In My Dreams’ allows his fusion of dub & spoken word is taken in without too much thought which then allows you understand his mantra of feeling joy whenever you hear from him.

We talked to him on owning his own label, how his sound isn’t genre specific and how he wants to collaborate with real musicians:

You invoke spoken word over this genre of music what made you want to merge the two?
I try not to think about my music too much, in terms of genre, as it’s all over the place with styles and influences.
When I think about my music though and approach, I feel like a chorus sounds best when it is sang and the spoken word works best on the verses. 
To people new to listen to this style of music, what is the normal reaction when people do listen to you music?
I get mixed reactions to be honest. Some people really like it, some not. Maybe some even hate it lol (not that they have told me though).
I try not to focus on reactions though, as I feel like the journey of witting and creating music, and the joy that this brings to me is the real success.
I also feel like a lot of people that talk about music, tend to be critical people, so don’t always take their opinions to heart.
I do hope people like my music though, but proof is in how much people listen to it, not what people say. 
As a label head what type of artist are you looking for and what other genres would you like to collaborate with in future songs? 
I love working with real musicians that can also produce. It’s a hard combination to get, but a joy to work with people like this.
I’m a big fan of the UK Jazz scene, so anyone like Yussef Days or Alfa Mist would be amazing to collaborate with. But anyone that is inspiring me really and I feel I could work well with. If it’s good energy, let’s go 🙂
Till then, enjoy this song off of his own label that gets deep in many different ways so take it in and you’ll be surprised where it takes you.

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