#CUKPremiere : Zuby Makes a statement – Remember The Name

Zuby is an independent rapper who was born in England, raised in Saudi Arabia and graduated from Oxford University. His music combines elements of old school and modern-day rap. With all the places he has been and experienced he wants the second single from his album to not be forgotten.

Remember The Name is a proud statement and an endorsement to himself to let all know he is not to be forgot about and we asked Zuby a few questions to make sure we know too!

You seem to have had a real journey in Life how is it creating music and what is the main focus when making the music? 
When I’m writing or recording a song, my focus is on getting my message across in a way that resonates with the listener and that captures my feelings at the time. I’m a very cerebral person but when it comes to my art I want the emotion and honesty to be conveyed; to the point that somebody could ‘feel’ the song even if they didn’t understand the English language itself. 

Being born in England, raised in Saudi Arabia and graduated from Oxford University. Where did you find your biggest inspiration?
My biggest inspiration comes from drawing on the past, present and potential future. Personal experiences as well as observations of others and the world in general. There is no shortage of interesting stuff to talk about. 

You want everyone to remember the name, tell us the origin of your name Zuby?

Zuby is a simplified version of my full name, Nzube, which means ‘God’s decision’ in the Igbo language of Nigeria. Its a powerful name so I need to live up to it! 

A powerful album name but tell us your most memorable use of Perseverance?
Perseverance is required to succeed in any difficult endeavour. You can’t lose in the long term if you keep on pushing forward. It doesn’t matter what the field is, the winners and successful people had to persevere. 

Listen to Remember the Name here

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