[Exclusive] Words To The Rise : A Conversation With Karen Civil

Whilst in London We get to sit down with Media Maven Karen Civil as she was doing promo in her lead up to her first talk in the UK with Life Talks. This rare conversation we have with her has us asking about her becoming an author with her book ‘Be You & Live Civil’, her dominance with her social media game and the way she aligns branding with the artists she works with!


Letting us know about her new product launches and how need to be having a whole lot more than one cheque coming in. We even had to stop the interview because she had some business to attend to and some bags to secure! Also giving tips to those making sure their social media game is as strong and from someone that understands and has made a great career from it, means that you receiving gems in this in-depth chat. (We even get and exclusive on the title of her next book!)


Since we had this chat with Karen she was helping with the marketing with Hilary Clinton’s Presidency campaign and now is the CMO of the Marathon agency who have clients such as Nipsey Hussle, YG, Nicki Minaj, Pusha T, & more!

Watch the conversation in full here:

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