Fashion Statements: Serving looks and addressing issues

It’s not often you hear us talk about fashion and politics … at least not in the same post, but one brand has been giving us the realness both in style and educating the masses. We’ve been following Lapp brand for some time now and the attraction started with their well known “This P*ssy grabs back” T-Shirt, addressing the comments of the infamous Donald Trump.  

Since then, Lapp brand has taken us on a journey, empowering females to speak out against what may be deemed as “taboo” subjects. Lapp brand is the brainchild of supermodel Leomie Anderson who uses her platform to engage and inspire women at every given opportunity. Her take on the importance of the Fenty Beauty collection and the representation it has bought for those overshadowed in the beauty industry is just one example of her contribution. 

The brand continously challenges the narrative on what it means to be a woman, and breaks social contructs of how a woman should look and act. Their ‘my body, my rules’ hat is pertinent in today’s world where the topic of sexual assault is rife and continues to take many forms.  

We value the contribution Lapp brand continues to make to female empowerment and wish to see more more brands using their platform positively. Personally, we have our eyes on the Lapp tracksuit which should be dropping soon! Lapp goes beyond fashion, it represents speaking out, equality, and self love, and we will always support that! 

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