Favela Fever

With summer being just around the corner, everyones T-Shirt game has gotta be on point! Favela Studios first came to our attention, in December of last year. The brain child of young creative George aka Ga LDN has gone down a treat with fashion lovers all over The UK.

Since dropping their first collection last month, their Pop Art and Band Tee inspired designs have been spotted on the likes of Vlogger AliyahMariaBee and Fashionista Naya Roz.

Incase you didn’t know, “Favela” is a term used to describe Brazillian ghettos. Coupling that with their strapline “Trust your Struggle” and you have creative genius in its finest form! We love a brand with a meaning behind their clothing and Favela Studios clearly advocate for believing in yourself and hustling hard!

Word on the street is, that they have many more T-Shirt designs lined up and we can’t help but wonder what they’ll be releasing during the summer (some hats would be dope)!

We have high hopes for this brand and we’re looking forward to seeing their AW18 collection drop later in the year. Until then, keep your eyes peeled for summer gear from Favela Studios and remember to Trust your Struggle!

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