[Feature] Artgoon on his art : ‘appreciate the level of craft because there is an art to it as such as everything in life’

Artgoon365 is a british based Creative, Illustrator & Vector Designer. Being the self-taught graphic artist showcasing the Trap & Urban Culture through Instagram what started as a hobby, now turned to a career has powered the work rate & the level of digital skill that was needed has been inspirational to others.
Having the pleasure of having his work commissioned to The Game, YG , Chinx drugs, Krept & Konan, GiGGS , Blade Brown , Fekky & Stormzy & many more. We decide to talk to him about how he started,  how his art is different to the traditional notion that is related to art.
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Certified UK: How did you get into animated drawings
Artgoon: i got in to animated drawing just from the love of cartoon shows growing up,all your old school cartoon network,nickelodeon to even manga. i have had a creative mind from young so love doing illustrations & more vector style pieces.
C.U.K:  other than the typical superhero your creating cartoons for artists has that been the plan always or did you just stumble on that
A.G: yeah that was the plan me & Link UP TV founder Rashid wanted to create & start a wave in the rap scene, he had a show called “behind bars” which showcased artist freestyling,which i did the cartoon vision for & that was the come up of myself.
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C.U.K:  who was the first person that told you that you can draw?
A.G: the first person who told me i could draw was my family,my mum lol
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C.U.K: what has been your top 3 that you have drawn & why?!
A.G: hmmm thats a tricky one lol i would say
1. krept x konan don’t waste my time illustration because it was the first piece i did merging cartoons with a real life background.they loved the creativty i came up with ever since have been fans
2. stormzy where you know me from & wicked skengman piece because i felt i captured the lyrics he said in his music
3. Giggs also because i felt i captured his personality
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C.U.K: what was the hardest piece of art you had to create & why was it hard
A.G: The hardest piece would have to be the krept x konan the long way home vector piece i did due to the fact of how time consuming it was & the level of standard i like to keep such as detail & style.
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C.U.K: is calling yourself artgoon a way to sway people’s perception of how they see artists.
A.G: artgoon mixes with cartoon & something that what i represent for trap/street culture which I’ve grew around. thats why I’m very influnced by our rap scene.showcasing underground talent in a different way but it doesn’t mean i don’t cater for other walks of life.
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C.U.K: The digital age has allowed artists such as yourself to excel to the masses but what’s one thing you find in this era of art.
A.G: i feel maybe some traditional artists may not favour the digital side of things such as vector images but they should still appreciate the level of craft because their is art to it as such as everything in life. alot of legendary hip hop/rnb artist chose that look for their art covers.
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C.U.K: what has been a pinnacle and turning point for you in your career.
A.G: it would be some of my favourite rappers reaching out to me, one especially the compton rapper The Game who contacted me through instagram saying i was dope & wanting to work with me & told me to ring him. from someone overseas reaching out is a blessing anyway let alone a superstar
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Find more from Artgoon via his website or you can enjoy it via instagram

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