[Film Review] No Escape ‘is griping throughout’

When you mention Owen Wilson you think comedy, his filmography includes Cars, Meet The Parents and You Me and Dupree. So when I heard No Escape was an Action I wasn’t sure if he would be able to pull it off.

Owen Wilson plays the main man Jack Dwyer, a husband and father of two little girls.

Jack (Owen Wilson) gets an amazing Career opportunity so moves himself and his family overseas to Malaysia. But within 24 hours the Dwyer family quickly gets caught in the middle of a government war. They just want to find a safe escape but it proves to be very difficult because Americans and foreigners are being killed instantly.


With the help of his new English friend Hammond (Pierce Brosnan) will Jack be able to get to the American Embassy and save himself and his family?

No Escape is griping throughout, you empathies with Jack while he uses his wits and common sense to make choices that could keep his family alive.


It is very tense throughout so if you like a good solid storyline, like to sit on the edge of your seat, or your just dying for some action or a thriller, I would highly recommend No Escape.


I give No Escape 3/5 Shahlaa Stars and I would definitely watch it again.

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