The Floor Sixx music academy is here to give the young and hungry a chance

Since 10th August 2017, 40 students from across the U.K. have been taking part in courses at the FLOOR SIXX Music Academy down at Red Bull Studios, Vevo and Livity HQ. The courses

Gaining wisdom from people great in their fields from Artist, producer, DJ, presenter, PR, journalist, photographer, videographer, events coordinator & project manager with professional tutors including singer/ songwriter Roses Gabor videographer Kavadour Peterson (J Hus – Common Sense) events manager Dean Attil (Stamina Parties) photographers like Vicky Grout and many more. As accreditation, the students have been tasked with putting together a 3000 capacity event at

Roundhouse, Camden. On Friday 20th October.



The academy has allowed these young people to be in positions many in the industry have yet to reach and to see ideas and their hard work come to life at a high level event and we get to know some of the students and their role in the upcoming all day event and we asked them to introduce themselves and two questions:

What have you learnt from the FLOOR SIXX academy? & The role you are playing for this event and how do you want it to impact your career?



Kayah Hazell – Presenting Course

Socials: @KayahHazell


I have learnt that you need to find your niche on whatever path of the industry you are trying to go down. You need to find what you are passionate and confident about, and go hard for that. The same way Sian eats, sleeps and breathes grime, that’s one of her main passions.

It’s easy to blend in, but it’s all about standing out from the crowd.


I am one of 7 presenters at FLOOR SIXX, I have done a little bit of radio co-hosting before, but nothing on this scale. We’ve been given opportunities we most likely wouldn’t have gotten elsewhere. I’m hoping I’m able to gain the confidence and experience to be able to work my way up, and stand with those already making power moves in the industry.



Sascha Driver – Presenting Course

Socials: @_saschadriver


Just how important it is in this industry to be yourself, don’t try to conform to what you think people want, being yourself will get you to the places you need to go. Also, how key it is to network, there are so many incredibly talented creatives out there and collaborating with each other and helping one another out can open so many different doors you wouldn’t expect to open. 


As a presenter, I hope this event will give me even more confidence as well as set me up for the gunning of my presenting career and introduce me to key individuals.


Jaz Karis – Artist course

I have learnt how important it is to maintain integrity for myself as an artist. 


I’m an artist so will be performing at the concert. I hope it will give me the opportunity to meet more musicians and creatives.


Josh Ogunmokun / J Strings – Producer course

Socials – @JSTRINGS


I’ve learnt a lot. Mostly about branding and integrity. You can’t really sell your brand if you don’t know who you are, people find it hard to buy into someone who doesn’t know who they are. I’ve also learnt more about myself and my abilities as a producer, to not stay in a comfort zone too long and to try new things. I’ve also learnt more technical things about engineering sessions and using professional studio equipment. 



I’m a music producer on the course. This involves producing the tracks that will go on the EP that will be released through FLOOR SIXX publishing as well as the tracks that will be performed live by the FLOOR SIXX artists. I feel like this role has already impacted my career. I’ve made friends in producers much more experienced than me and artists that I genuinely believe are gunna blow. It’s great for my production CV and we’ve defo made a few bangers already so we’ll see how it all plays out.



Yus – Artist course

Socials – @yushackney


I’ve learnt quite a lot in such a short time and it’s too much to put down to words, however the most important thing I’ve taken away so far is that I need to carry myself as a brand at all times. 

I am an artist performing at the concert on the 20th of October. I want this to act as a platform for my talent so after this I can at least gain a little buzz 


Frankie Donald / Efflex – Producer course 
Socials – @EfflexUK


The main thing the FLOOR SIXX Music Academy has taught me is the importance of PR & Marketing. The evening seminars are also coming in very handy, furthering my knowledge on Radios, PRS, Spotify, and much more. 


I am a music producer. It’s my job to work with the other producers and artists on the course to create an album. We will be performing our album at our Roundhouse event on 20th October. 


Iasha Mohammed – videography course


Overall, the academy was better than I expected. I’ve learnt so many things along way from my mentors Kalvadour and Reece who are also Directors. They’ve taught me a lot of about the industry and how everything actually works. The academy has boosted my confidence to move forward into my career.

For my part of the event, I’m the videographer alongside two other Videographers Kade and Justyn. We’ve been asked to do create a music video from a track from the FLOOR SIXX EP and exhibition for the show. If everything goes well I believe it could open us to more opportunities in the industry.


Laura Bailey – Presenting course

Socials – Twitter- @laurajadebailey Instagram- @laurajadeb


With the amazing mentors on the Academy, so far I have learnt about the importance of branding yourself, presenting for live events, in front of the camera and for radio. We have had the opportunity to visit places such as 1xtra, Redbull, Vevo and Livity, where we have been given practical advice and access to creative spaces. 

Most importantly I have learnt so much from others on the academy and the mentors, with so many talented people, you learn new things all the time. 

I hope that presenting at the FLOOR SIXX event on the 20th October will open more doors for me. I want to be able to have a career in presenting and the music industry and I know that this event is just the start. 


Bamz – Producer course

Socials – Twitter: @atbamz Instagram: atbamzz SoundCloud: atbamz Mixcloud: atbamzz


I’ve learned the importance of paying attention to details and working with like minded people where you’re all working towards the same outcome. There needs to be a strategy every step of the way to ensure we maximise things to their full potential. I’ve also learned more about my own music, how other people create and making skills transferable. 


I’m at the academy as a producer. My role at the academy is to produce music for/with the artists that will be going towards a collective project. I’d say one of the main general roles of a producer is to make sure that no matter who they’re working with or what they’re working on, the product can always be the best that it can be. And making sure everyone is happy with the process.


Ahmed Faid – Presenter course

Socials: @afaidd


It’s only week 6 and I’ve learnt so many things! FLOOR SIXX Academy has honestly been a life changer! I’ve enhanced so many different skill sets such as my communication skills I’ve become a much more confident person & speaker. Most importantly FLOOR SIXX has allowed me to believe in myself… I honestly can’t wait for the next 4 weeks! 


I am a presenter for FLOOR SIXX. The goal is to become a more established presenter and come away with a more valuable insight into the industry and also come away with amazing connections! Hopefully have some presenter/radio jobs lined up once it’s over. 

Nana Boaitey – Presenter course

From FLOOR SIXX, I have learned that I am able to speak on/present on subject matters that I didn’t think I was capable of.


From my presenting role at the academy, I would like it to impact my career by being able to reach more professional’s in my field in order to network, use the knowledge that I pick up on and adapt it to personal growth via broadcasting.



Chyna Vi – Presenter course

Social – Instagram – Chynavi


I have learnt that marketing is very important enhancing an artists music career. I have also learn that press isn’t always a bad thing if it is utilised. I have also learnt that communication when working in a team is very important in order to create a successful project.


I am an upcoming artist & my job at FLOOR SIXX is create an E.P. alongside 5 other talented creatives. My aim for the end of this project is to network with other artists & producers. Although I have performed many times in front of an audience; the FLOOR SIXX showcase is a whole next level for me & my experiences as I have never performed in front of such big crowds.


Rae McKenzie – Events and PR course


At FLOOR SIXX I’ve learnt the reality of planning an event and the full process behind it. Before this experience I underestimated what it takes to actually put on the event but now I have a better understanding.


This will help me further my career by having the understanding and to make progress in my event managing.


This are great starts for all these creatives and this all dayer will be a great stepping stone in many of their careers


The all day event will see talks performances and exhibitions from Afro BAshley VerseCapo LeeChipCourtney F PhotoIzzie GibbsJammzJeremiah AsiamahKenny AllstarKojo FundsLast Night in ParisLink Up TVMixtape MadnessNadia RoseP MoneyRalph HardyReprezent RadioSBTVSelecta SuaveShola AmaSian AndersonSir SpyroSNESounds of StaminaVicky Grout and Yizzy.

To grab a ticket head to the roundhouse site to grab one and see how the next generation of creatives handle ‘The Industry’

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