Frenzy prepares to drop project with Papertoy

In 2014 Frenzy received a notification on his soundcloud stating ‘papertoy is now following you’. The internet enabled two creative individuals 10,000 miles apart to connect.

Coincidently Papertoy relocated to Brixton the following year but often distance is the reason for individuals losing contact, however in this case distance brought together two individuals from two different parts of the world; with one passion of shifting cultures. Frenzy uses the story of Papertoy’s travelling to relate to his musical journey, together they explore a theatrical experimentation of hip-hop, grime and rap to create a cohesive project.

The two styles will make for some great pieces of music and two ends of the world coming together can be a beautiful thing!

Have a look at the visual in anticipation to the project which will be out 06.03.16

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