Get a ‘sweet tooth’ with Milk and Honey London

Since we started looking at fashion accessory makers in the UK, we decided to look at one for the culture. Heavily featured in the Rap and RnB genre, grillz and toothcaps have become a wealth status symbol. From the days of Paul Wall and Nelly, to becoming more unisex with the likes of Vashtie and Kehlani sporting them. Grillz have started to move into mainstream popular culture and we can see why. There’s pearly whites and then there’s icy whites, from VVS diamonds to all gold everything, and now more recently gap fillers and all kinds of interesting shapes. Its no wonder they’ve become a fashion accessory. 

For most of us here in the UK, grillz still seem like a very american accessory. However, one brand has brought it across the pond and placed it right in the heart of London’s  Jewellery capital, Hatton Garden. Milk and Honey London are catering to the demands of those who want more than just a ‘colgate smile’. The brand is well on its way to become a dental accessory connoisseur with latest styles such as its 3D rose grill. This bespoke jeweller has given us some of the best engraved jewellery as well as attention grabbing 18k VVS caps. It won’t be long before Milk and Honey have us all looking like money when we speak.

This weekdnd, the brand hosted a pop up at Paradise Gardens festival in Bromley and even gave guests the opportunity to have moulds taken and also win a grill! If you weren’t there, we recommend you book a private appointment today for that all important consultation. You’ll be grinning once you see the results! 

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